Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Ski?

Since my last post Monday i've gotten in a mix of workouts. Tuesday was a chilly windy ride through ESSA, nothing too exciting. Yesterday, with 100 km/hr wind gusts i opted to do an indoor tempo workout. First time putting some higher wattages down since busting up my knee so it was nice to be able to have complete control over my cadance and wattage. The workout out went well, the wattages were in my lower end tempo zone and i kept my cadence at the upper end of 85 rpm, but the knee didn't cause any pain and felt fine post workout and into today.

The "trace" of snow turned into about 5 cm last night. And with the temperatures around -10 i opted to get in one last ski(....we'll see) of the season at Horseshoe. Actually when i was driving up and when i arrived i noticed they got less snow than in the south end of barrie, which made for some good fast conditions. Again, my first skate ski since getting off the skis in late february. So i took it out nice and slow and did a few flat loops on the west side before hitting any hills. Luckily they actually had most of the bigger hills closed off cause of ice. So i didn't feel to bad not hitting them up.

The sun is out in full force now and tommorow its going to wam up, so ill see what i can do outside. Starbuck has her one week checkup tommorow at 11 so its a nice excuse to wait until the afternoon to ride.

I have two long(ish) rides planned for saturday and sunday if the forecast holds. If all is well with the knee after that ill start adding a little more tempo and muscle tension stuff in next week.

"come on, i have to bet on Jim Cramer, its the only way make back the money i lost in the stock market listening to Jim Cramer"

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