Monday, March 9, 2009

"Insert title here"

After waiting till the early afternoon to ride to allow the roads to clear up a bit after some freezing rain last night. I got a solid ride in around snow valley. Heading out to mapleview i thought i was going to slide out a few times on the ice but once i hit the main roads they were pretty clear.

After arriving home i put my legs up and slid in Passchendaele to see what Paul Gross was able to muster up with some canadian government money. The battle scenes in the film are second to none, and blow private ryan out of the water. The opening sequence is utterly disturbing then the film gets a little slow in the middle with a pretty weak love story. Then the final battle scene which features brutal hand to hand combat is again something i didn't expect. Not a epic movie that has to be scene but not half bad either.

Starbuck is already starting to get grumpy for being couped up downstairs. She has mastered her puppy dog sad face though.

Best pick up line ever

"My friend never went to the olympics"

"why not?"

"cause i won 50 dollars in a bowling tournament and lost my amateur status"

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