Sunday, March 15, 2009

good stuff

I’m sitting relaxing with my feet up (watching an encore of the 2nd last battlestar) after a great week of some much desired volume. The even better part is the weather has allowed me to get out and ride everyday this week, though I did a ski on Thursday.

Friday after the vet appointment I got out for a 2 hour loop around Egbert again nothing too exciting just getting the legs warmed up for the weekend.

Saturday, after a solid breakfast I headed out at around noon for a close to epic ride which included paved road, gravel, snowy trail, and some icy sections. It would have been epic if it was raining and cold, but it was 9 degress and sunny so not quite "epic". I thought a couple times I was going to loose my rear wheel and end up on my ass while riding along bass lake sideroad, but my tires held fast and I made it back to some oro medonte pave. I finished the ride strong and felt good going into another long ride today. After mowing down as many calories as I could I washed my bike and polished up my fenders for the next days ride.

Today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday, a good breakfast before suiting up in some lighter clothes for another great day. The forecast was again for nothing but sun and 10 degrees. As I was warming up while heading out of town I felt really good, even better than yesterday. I rode straight out ridge road, which brought with it the added bonus of wrist breaking frost heaved cracks in the road. Even with 35 mm cross tires I was getting pounded riding out. Once I turned north off of ridge I stuck to smoother roads. I stuck strictly to the asphalt today. The gravel roads were pretty soft yesterday m not sure what they would have been like today. I opted to ride the lakeshore, and get a good view of people scrambling to get their ice huts off the ice. As I was finishing up coming back into town I passed quite a few cyclists heading out. Just I hit the city limits I turned around to ride with Jamie and Phil who were also heading out. I was only going to ride a little ways with them as I was pretty much done my ride. But it was just so damn nice to ride with another human being for a change. Let alone two. After solving many of the world’s problems like the auto industry and health care. I turned back once we hit Shanty bay.

I arrived home and finished up Mapleton just to test my knee one last time, and to my pleasant surprise it didn’t explode. So it looks like ill be able to stick to the plan and start building some intensity back into my legs. Hopefully some group rides will get started soon, there have been rumors of a resurrected Thursday night training ride.

"stay off the ice"

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