Monday, March 2, 2009

Fighting Darwin

Not much is new, my knee is about 99% now, still a little sore now and again but pretty good these days. Im looking forward to some warmer weather ahead. And with grass already showing i think the MTB season will be pretty early this year.

On the other hand my purebred Labrador retriever is going under the knife on friday to have some 100 lbs test fishing line wrapped around inside her knee. To compensate for a torn ACL.Which is supposedly "becoming a problem in Labs" (not saying long snowshoes helped but.......) Which will be followed by three months of very limited activity, just lounging around......actually doesn't sound so bad. big surprises there, other than Hugh Jackman actually pulling off a great hosting job.

Film reviews.

W. - great film. im a huge Bush basher but this movie was a great watch. I actually liked the character. (doesn't really change my opinion of Bush though).

Miracle at St Anna- Not a very happy movie. Actaully it was very depressing. I was dissapointed with the last 5 minutes. The entire film was too long but the best part when the great story came together was very rushed. Overall a great story but poorly executed.

"im going to eat"

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