Friday, March 20, 2009

The end

Ill start with the good news. the past couple days training has gone well. The temperatures have dropped a little but spring seems to be settling in. Yesterday i got in a nice tempo workout in on CTSR. (carpel tunnel syndrome road) or better known as ridge road. I hate riding out and back along it but the slightly rolling terrain with only a couple (optional) stop signs it can't be beat for a tempo type workout. On my way back i stopped in at the trek store to warm up a little. Before spinning the rest of the way home.

Today the sun was shining nicely which is a bonus since i'm 1/8th Krypotonian on my mothers side. So my energy levels get a little depleted when i don't see the sun for a while. It was still a little on the chilly side when i departed but the sun made it feel much warmer. I did a nice medium length ride with some stomps and powerstarts as well as some nice climbs up Horseshoe way. My legs felt great after the power stuff, and i spun easily the rest of the ride.

It appears that the 9 of you that read this have voted in favour of the pretty river road loop for this weekend, still not totally sure which day it will be. But i thank you for your votes.

Now for the bad news. As many of you know i am a loyal(to put it mildly) Battlestar fan. For the past few years it has been a great source of inspiration and has changed what "good" television really is. None of this realtiy tv bull crap. Raw, edgy, well written, honestly acted, all made for the best television show out there. Yes past tense, as tonight is the final episode. 2 hrs and thats it. Lets hope its a better ending than the sopranoes that cut out mid sen.

"All of this has happend before and all of this will happen again" can hope

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Scott said...

So.. what's your commentary on the finale episode of BSG?