Sunday, March 29, 2009

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well its been another good week of training, thanks in most part to the continued amazing weather (for march) Today was the first day of decent rain and it didn't last long.

Thursday, i headed out for a reverse snow valley loop, my default 2 hour ride. I rode most of it in my recovery zone, minus the climb up George Johnston road where i had to break into high endurance wattage. I was feeling really good, and felt like doing more but after three hard days i knew i had to recover.

Friday, was a medium length ride up to horseshoe, mostly endurance but with some powerstarts and stomps sprinkled in to spice things up. I ran into a couple other riders out enjoying some early miles. After stopping in to the trek store for my weekly loitering session, i spun home and got my feet up ready for the next days long ride.

With the (a) pancake ride a no go, I stuffed my pockets with all the food i could carry, and headed northwest to pretty river road. This has pretty much become my favourite long ride, which is highlighted by the long climb up the pretty river valley. I headed out to Creemore first instead of going through wasaga, this allowed me to also climb the grunt that is Fairgrounds road, which isn't huge but it starts out steep and never actually seems to end. But your rewarded at the top with the best view in Simcoe county. Then after the long steady drop towards collingwood, i turned west and started up the main climb. Again, it doesn't really stop going up till you get really close to singhampton and make the turn down past devils glen. The most annoying part of the ride was having a strong headwind coming off the escarpment. That was the end off the good loop the rest of the ride was retracing back through creemore and angus then home.

Today with a nice rain I got my singlespeed ready(lubed the chain) and headed into the Ardagh bluffs to see what kind of shape the trails where in. I was met by a real mix of clear trail, 2 foot deep snow, and ice. But i was still able to ride most of it. And it beat riding on the road in a cold heavy rain. At one point i had to toss my bike, (Before you gasp, its a 25 lbs, fully rigid single speed with v-brakes, its pretty solid) across a swollen creek. As i wasn't confident of jumping across holding it. By the time i finished the ride the sun was starting to break out and burn off the rain.

Post ride, a little trip to the Mandarin for some okay food and good entertainment finished off the day.

quick film review, Quantum Of Solace. good action movie, horrible Bond movie. Probably the weakest 007 film ever.

For this weeks long ride i again leave it to the 9 of you who read this to vote, between Big Chute a long rolling ride to, like the name suggests, Big Chute , River road(not to be confused with pretty river road) not in itself a long ride but it can be extended many ways. And Awenda backwards, i've only ever done it in one direction, so i'd like to change it up. Its up to you AWI Nation.

This weeks weather looks a little more seasonal, but we are due for that. So I'll be playing it pretty much day to day.

"if its worth doing its worth overdoing"
pretty much the Mythbusters moto

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Matt Spak said...

I'm going to hyjack your poll, if awenda or BSL happen let e know and I will try to hold on to your wheel.