Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog entry

well its been another good week of training, thanks in most part to the continued amazing weather (for march) Today was the first day of decent rain and it didn't last long.

Thursday, i headed out for a reverse snow valley loop, my default 2 hour ride. I rode most of it in my recovery zone, minus the climb up George Johnston road where i had to break into high endurance wattage. I was feeling really good, and felt like doing more but after three hard days i knew i had to recover.

Friday, was a medium length ride up to horseshoe, mostly endurance but with some powerstarts and stomps sprinkled in to spice things up. I ran into a couple other riders out enjoying some early miles. After stopping in to the trek store for my weekly loitering session, i spun home and got my feet up ready for the next days long ride.

With the (a) pancake ride a no go, I stuffed my pockets with all the food i could carry, and headed northwest to pretty river road. This has pretty much become my favourite long ride, which is highlighted by the long climb up the pretty river valley. I headed out to Creemore first instead of going through wasaga, this allowed me to also climb the grunt that is Fairgrounds road, which isn't huge but it starts out steep and never actually seems to end. But your rewarded at the top with the best view in Simcoe county. Then after the long steady drop towards collingwood, i turned west and started up the main climb. Again, it doesn't really stop going up till you get really close to singhampton and make the turn down past devils glen. The most annoying part of the ride was having a strong headwind coming off the escarpment. That was the end off the good loop the rest of the ride was retracing back through creemore and angus then home.

Today with a nice rain I got my singlespeed ready(lubed the chain) and headed into the Ardagh bluffs to see what kind of shape the trails where in. I was met by a real mix of clear trail, 2 foot deep snow, and ice. But i was still able to ride most of it. And it beat riding on the road in a cold heavy rain. At one point i had to toss my bike, (Before you gasp, its a 25 lbs, fully rigid single speed with v-brakes, its pretty solid) across a swollen creek. As i wasn't confident of jumping across holding it. By the time i finished the ride the sun was starting to break out and burn off the rain.

Post ride, a little trip to the Mandarin for some okay food and good entertainment finished off the day.

quick film review, Quantum Of Solace. good action movie, horrible Bond movie. Probably the weakest 007 film ever.

For this weeks long ride i again leave it to the 9 of you who read this to vote, between Big Chute a long rolling ride to, like the name suggests, Big Chute , River road(not to be confused with pretty river road) not in itself a long ride but it can be extended many ways. And Awenda backwards, i've only ever done it in one direction, so i'd like to change it up. Its up to you AWI Nation.

This weeks weather looks a little more seasonal, but we are due for that. So I'll be playing it pretty much day to day.

"if its worth doing its worth overdoing"
pretty much the Mythbusters moto

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, a couple days have passed since the last update. Lets see, Saturday i got a late start and didn't want to start a 6 hour ride after noon, so i opted to head down south through Beeton and back through Innisfil. A good solid ride, a little chilly here but by the time i got south a bit the sun was shining. On my way over to innisfil, i passed the coulson hill mtb trails, where i stuck my nose in and it looked pretty dry, i made a mental note of that.

So i know what your thinking, Andrew must have done the pretty river ride on sunday......well. No i didn't get it in Sunday either i had some family things to do and arrived home pretty late so a 6 hour ride wouldn't have been very good at night.

So with the Pretty river ride pushed back, on Monday i did some long tempo intervals. Which went very well, I again did them in Oro but i used as much good pavement as possible, but i still had to finish on Ridge road, where, my Norco Cross, is lets just say not the most forgiving ride over rough pavement. But i got er done and spun home.

Tuesday was a double, with some threshold intervals, which i did into a headwind at 23.5 km/hr. I felt so fast(not) They went well, and its all about the power not the speed so i was quite happy with that workout. Then I headed out to an evening ride with four other people, which was not easy, i averaged just under tempo wattage which for a group ride was pretty solid. It was only 90 minutes so i wasn't to concerned. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Tuesday nighters are going to be quick this year. With summer never actually arriving last year, a lot of riders did about half their usual miles, and the rides never really got up to speed so to speak. But with the amazing dry weather there are lots of people out getting there mid april miles in now, so it should be a solid tuesday nighter season. Back to world championship status i think.

Today, i packed up my singlespeed and drove to Coulson Hill to see what kind of a mtb ride i could get in. I have never seen the trails that dry at this time of year. 95% of the singletrack was bone dry, a couple low spots that were wet, the fireroads are in rough shape with lots of 4x4 and atv traffic making some nice ruts. The only downside was the amount of fallen, and uprooted tress. The inner trails seemed to be the worst, with the outer loops pretty decent. I was a happy camper.

And to "Scott" i could spend all day talking about my feelings regarding BSG. But ill simply say it was a great end to the series and really couldn't have ended any other way.

for other film reviews, i rented a copy of Citizen Kane, as it is supposedly the best movie ever made.(google it, im not making that up) other than catching a bunch of Simpsons jokes that make more sense now. I also figured out "rosebud" pretty early on, its actually pretty obvious if you think about it. I have no idea how its the best ever. It was a challenge to get through it and i wouldn't recomend it to anyone.

Up next a chill day tommorow, a couple easy hours to recover from the last few days of intensity(singlespeed riding at the 45degree angle of coulson hill counts). Then some bigger volume days for the weekend. Im hearing rumours of A(or THE) pancake ride, but we'll see what the weather does, anything 3 days out seems to change a lot.

"BSG, Like Blade Runner, with be better understood 20 years from now"
"Eddy" Olmos

Friday, March 20, 2009

The end

Ill start with the good news. the past couple days training has gone well. The temperatures have dropped a little but spring seems to be settling in. Yesterday i got in a nice tempo workout in on CTSR. (carpel tunnel syndrome road) or better known as ridge road. I hate riding out and back along it but the slightly rolling terrain with only a couple (optional) stop signs it can't be beat for a tempo type workout. On my way back i stopped in at the trek store to warm up a little. Before spinning the rest of the way home.

Today the sun was shining nicely which is a bonus since i'm 1/8th Krypotonian on my mothers side. So my energy levels get a little depleted when i don't see the sun for a while. It was still a little on the chilly side when i departed but the sun made it feel much warmer. I did a nice medium length ride with some stomps and powerstarts as well as some nice climbs up Horseshoe way. My legs felt great after the power stuff, and i spun easily the rest of the ride.

It appears that the 9 of you that read this have voted in favour of the pretty river road loop for this weekend, still not totally sure which day it will be. But i thank you for your votes.

Now for the bad news. As many of you know i am a loyal(to put it mildly) Battlestar fan. For the past few years it has been a great source of inspiration and has changed what "good" television really is. None of this realtiy tv bull crap. Raw, edgy, well written, honestly acted, all made for the best television show out there. Yes past tense, as tonight is the final episode. 2 hrs and thats it. Lets hope its a better ending than the sopranoes that cut out mid sen.

"All of this has happend before and all of this will happen again" can hope

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On a role

So, Monday was just an nice spin out into Essa and back, my legs felt a little heavy so i kept the rpm up. That evening i sat down to watch the worst show on television.

"24" i really hate this show, and i was given a final reason to stop watching it. Jack Bauer threw a flathead screwdriver right through a bad guys bulletproof vest form 10 feet away. Then pulled the screwdriver out and used it to start a pickup truck. So done with that show. seriously who comes up with that.

Yesterday i got out for a good tempo workout in the late morning, which went vary well with no ill effects to the knee, so im declaring it 99.9999999%.

Today was slightly busy with my future sister in law in town from teaching somewhere in the arctic. Which included a visit to the mall where i was entertained for 15 minutes by a mall security guard filing a complaint for someone parking in a "parent and small child" parking spot without having a small child. The people came out and drove off just as the police showed up. Then to shaws to pick up some fresh maple syrup while Terri took pictures of the sap buckets to show her students who don't believe maple syrup comes from trees. Finally reaching Theo's in orillia for lunch/dinner at 2:30, (i don't know what thats called)

Now im heading out for a run/powerwalk/jog.....something slightly faster than walking. After some nice double digit temperatures its going to cool off back to an average of about 5 for the next little, while. Which is fine by me, still beats the past few march's of below zero and snowing everyday.

Hoping to do ride either pretty river road, or big chute on the weekend, i can't really decide which. I may have to consult the 8 ball.......or you decide for me in the poll. A hilly escarpment ride, or a longer flatter/rolling ride.

"What are you gonna do about it? shine your flashlight in my eye"
Probably what the guy said to the mall security officer

Sunday, March 15, 2009

good stuff

I’m sitting relaxing with my feet up (watching an encore of the 2nd last battlestar) after a great week of some much desired volume. The even better part is the weather has allowed me to get out and ride everyday this week, though I did a ski on Thursday.

Friday after the vet appointment I got out for a 2 hour loop around Egbert again nothing too exciting just getting the legs warmed up for the weekend.

Saturday, after a solid breakfast I headed out at around noon for a close to epic ride which included paved road, gravel, snowy trail, and some icy sections. It would have been epic if it was raining and cold, but it was 9 degress and sunny so not quite "epic". I thought a couple times I was going to loose my rear wheel and end up on my ass while riding along bass lake sideroad, but my tires held fast and I made it back to some oro medonte pave. I finished the ride strong and felt good going into another long ride today. After mowing down as many calories as I could I washed my bike and polished up my fenders for the next days ride.

Today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday, a good breakfast before suiting up in some lighter clothes for another great day. The forecast was again for nothing but sun and 10 degrees. As I was warming up while heading out of town I felt really good, even better than yesterday. I rode straight out ridge road, which brought with it the added bonus of wrist breaking frost heaved cracks in the road. Even with 35 mm cross tires I was getting pounded riding out. Once I turned north off of ridge I stuck to smoother roads. I stuck strictly to the asphalt today. The gravel roads were pretty soft yesterday m not sure what they would have been like today. I opted to ride the lakeshore, and get a good view of people scrambling to get their ice huts off the ice. As I was finishing up coming back into town I passed quite a few cyclists heading out. Just I hit the city limits I turned around to ride with Jamie and Phil who were also heading out. I was only going to ride a little ways with them as I was pretty much done my ride. But it was just so damn nice to ride with another human being for a change. Let alone two. After solving many of the world’s problems like the auto industry and health care. I turned back once we hit Shanty bay.

I arrived home and finished up Mapleton just to test my knee one last time, and to my pleasant surprise it didn’t explode. So it looks like ill be able to stick to the plan and start building some intensity back into my legs. Hopefully some group rides will get started soon, there have been rumors of a resurrected Thursday night training ride.

"stay off the ice"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Ski?

Since my last post Monday i've gotten in a mix of workouts. Tuesday was a chilly windy ride through ESSA, nothing too exciting. Yesterday, with 100 km/hr wind gusts i opted to do an indoor tempo workout. First time putting some higher wattages down since busting up my knee so it was nice to be able to have complete control over my cadance and wattage. The workout out went well, the wattages were in my lower end tempo zone and i kept my cadence at the upper end of 85 rpm, but the knee didn't cause any pain and felt fine post workout and into today.

The "trace" of snow turned into about 5 cm last night. And with the temperatures around -10 i opted to get in one last ski(....we'll see) of the season at Horseshoe. Actually when i was driving up and when i arrived i noticed they got less snow than in the south end of barrie, which made for some good fast conditions. Again, my first skate ski since getting off the skis in late february. So i took it out nice and slow and did a few flat loops on the west side before hitting any hills. Luckily they actually had most of the bigger hills closed off cause of ice. So i didn't feel to bad not hitting them up.

The sun is out in full force now and tommorow its going to wam up, so ill see what i can do outside. Starbuck has her one week checkup tommorow at 11 so its a nice excuse to wait until the afternoon to ride.

I have two long(ish) rides planned for saturday and sunday if the forecast holds. If all is well with the knee after that ill start adding a little more tempo and muscle tension stuff in next week.

"come on, i have to bet on Jim Cramer, its the only way make back the money i lost in the stock market listening to Jim Cramer"

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Insert title here"

After waiting till the early afternoon to ride to allow the roads to clear up a bit after some freezing rain last night. I got a solid ride in around snow valley. Heading out to mapleview i thought i was going to slide out a few times on the ice but once i hit the main roads they were pretty clear.

After arriving home i put my legs up and slid in Passchendaele to see what Paul Gross was able to muster up with some canadian government money. The battle scenes in the film are second to none, and blow private ryan out of the water. The opening sequence is utterly disturbing then the film gets a little slow in the middle with a pretty weak love story. Then the final battle scene which features brutal hand to hand combat is again something i didn't expect. Not a epic movie that has to be scene but not half bad either.

Starbuck is already starting to get grumpy for being couped up downstairs. She has mastered her puppy dog sad face though.

Best pick up line ever

"My friend never went to the olympics"

"why not?"

"cause i won 50 dollars in a bowling tournament and lost my amateur status"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend update

This morning we picked up Starbuck after leaving her overnight for ACL surgery on her right leg. I wasn’t sure what to expect afterwards. She’s doing well resting comfortably but she looks like she got hit by a car. No micro surgery in this case, she has a very long incision right over her knee. And it looks even worse cause they had to shave her entire leg and hip. She keeps looking at me like she has no idea what the hell just happened, one day she’s jumping around chasing squirrels the next she can barely walk.

With the nice weather we had yesterday I was able to get out for my first outdoor ride since getting tendonitis in my knee. With a MTB cassette on my cross bike I was able to keep my cadence up even into the strong headwind, I stuck to the flatest route I could too. The knee feels good, though I may lay off any singlespeeding until late April. We lost a ton of snow here in the past couple days, and with no snow in the forecast the roads are in the best shape for March riding in years.

Ummmmm DVD film review- "Southland Tales". I hesitate to pass judgement on this film as I have no idea what happened in it. I watched it, I thought I understood what was happening but I got utterly lost at the end. From the same brain child who made Donnie Darko, it has a big cast including Justin Timberlake, The Rock, Buffy the vampire slayer, a blink and you’ll miss it Kevin Smith appearance and the best performance by Sean William Scott. Overall I think its another case of could have been great. It had some great moments but couldn’t keep any momentum up. It, like Donnie Darko, will be best viewed for a second time. But I’m not sure if I want to watch it a second time just to understand it better, as I don’t think it will change my opinion of the film. If you haven’t heard of it its probably a reason for that and you should take a cue from that. But you may just like it.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Fighting Darwin

Not much is new, my knee is about 99% now, still a little sore now and again but pretty good these days. Im looking forward to some warmer weather ahead. And with grass already showing i think the MTB season will be pretty early this year.

On the other hand my purebred Labrador retriever is going under the knife on friday to have some 100 lbs test fishing line wrapped around inside her knee. To compensate for a torn ACL.Which is supposedly "becoming a problem in Labs" (not saying long snowshoes helped but.......) Which will be followed by three months of very limited activity, just lounging around......actually doesn't sound so bad. big surprises there, other than Hugh Jackman actually pulling off a great hosting job.

Film reviews.

W. - great film. im a huge Bush basher but this movie was a great watch. I actually liked the character. (doesn't really change my opinion of Bush though).

Miracle at St Anna- Not a very happy movie. Actaully it was very depressing. I was dissapointed with the last 5 minutes. The entire film was too long but the best part when the great story came together was very rushed. Overall a great story but poorly executed.

"im going to eat"