Saturday, February 7, 2009

Easy now,

Heading up to the Scotch Line

Im nearing the end of my first easy week of 2009, but the weather has been giving me some oppourutnies to get out and do a little more than i had planned.

Yesterday after a cold night that would be ideal for grooming up the xc trails, and the afternoon being sunny and -4 ish, i couldn't pass up the chance to ski in those conditions. I was very concious of the goal of the week, so made it a short very easy ski. And with amazing conditions like that it was pretty easy to ski within a nice recovery zone. Early in my ski I ran into Kevin Simms who was out snowshoeing with his high school students. He teaches outdoor ed, something i wish i had been able to do in high school. Not that im complaing cause im outside 6 days week, but to get high school credits for it would have been nice.

Last night i knew there was a possibilty of getting out on the road today. If the weather channel was wrong about the rain, (which they usually are) the forecast was for 5 degrees and rain, not really ideal riding conditions actually it would be better if it was -2 and snowing. Sure enough i woke up the sun tying to poke through the clouds. I got myself and my bike ready to go, which is always stressful for the first ride of the year, cause i always forget something, but i mad sure i covered all my bases. The wind was mainly out the southwest so i headed in a zig zag pattern in that general direction on the concessions and line of essa. Which is mostly wide open flat farmland. When i was heading into the wind i knew it. I was heading west on the 5th sideroad towards the scotch line in my easiest gear on a flat road, in the drops pushing tempo watts, at around 13-14 km/hr. It felt like i was climbing a 10% grade. The wind wasn't gusting much it was just a steady 35 km/hr that never let up. It also doesn't help that my bike with fenders, tools, pump, inflators, etc, weighs close to 30 lbs.

I made it to the scoth line and headed back north. Mostly with a tail crosswind that was pushing me up false flats, it turned a little and i found i had to ride in the middle of the road so i wouldn't get pushed into the ditch. I was comforted by the fact that there were huge snowbanks i could ditch into if thats what it came to, Astroboy style.

I could have easily made it a four hour ride but again i stayed strong and finsihed up just under three hours. Coming back in i passed another rider who lives nearby which was nice to know i wasn't the only crazy/alien/weirdo/oddball cyclist riding in february.

One more day of chilling before another 4 week block of the good stuff. I'll have my race calender up soon, its looking like my first race will be the first saturday in April, exactly 8 weeks from now......

"It stopped"
Felix Gaeta

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Astroboy said...

LOL @ Astroboy style!

I got out for 4 road rides this week, felt so nice to be out!!