Saturday, January 17, 2009

XC ski withdrawl

Yup its been almost a week since i last got out skiing. Ill make a game day call about heading out to Horseshoe tommorow morning. It will still be a little sticky but i don't want to be off the skiis for too long.

The time off the skiis has been a bonus for the snowshoeing, Starbuck and myself have been stomping out some solid length snowshoes. Also my roller hours are up there too. Im taking a different approach to riding inside this year, which has helped my brain from turning into swiss cheese. I've piled through season 4.0 of bsg just in time for the return last night. Today i just started Heroes, i've heard it was a good show. So far so good, i think it will be good roller material.

I've also made good gains in the strength portion of my training plan, but i am being careful to not put too much muscle on. I've struggled with this a little in the past, too much muscle can really drag when your trying to climb. So im focusing a lot on stability and core work.

So back to Battlestar, i can't stop thinking about the new episode. It had about three major story lines all being turned on their heads. It was not a very happy episode i can say that for sure. I'm actually a little bit depressed thinking about it. But i can say that those writers should be given Peabody awards for great writing.....oh yeah.

"So what would the foxes do"

"Half would turn and fight, the other half would try to swim across. But my uncle would tell me about a few that, they'd swim halfway out and turn with the current and ride it all the way out to sea."

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