Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Starbuck, in her short lived position as King of the Castle

Where does the time go, i thought it had been a couple days since my last update, and according to my research it was 10 days ago. My bad. I guess it got kinda crazy with the inauguration, which i still wonder if it was legal. Im also counting down the days till Colbert and Stewart go off the air for lack of material.

On Friday i headed to the Barrie Cycling Club "2008" dinner/social/awards/banquet night. I was wondering about the mid january date but it was actually great to see everyone in the middle of winter for a change. Since it will be another couple months before we all get out on the roads together.

Last week i took Starbuck out on her longest snowshoe ever, a awesome 3 hour loop through the bluffs. We were both pretty fried after that one. But she is never happier than when shes out in the snow.

Training is still on track, well saturday and sunday both had late starts to the day but i still got decent workouts in.

Last night was the 2nd 2009 monday night something, a solid night snowshoe out in midhurst which even with a gps we managed to get lost. When Starbuck and I first got there Matt said the salt on the parking lot was bugging his dog, Molly's, paws and he put her back in the car until we were ready to go. I thought, what a wuss dog, Starbuck can handle it, considering i have never seen her bothered by salt on roads or anything before. So i let her out and sure enough within 30 seconds she was whining like someone poured salt in an open wound. Once we were on fresh snow she was fine, but it was kinda freaky, the county must just load that parking lot up with salt.

I've been burning through Heroes on the rollers and a new Hero to the show, an invisible man, has quickly become my favourite character. And something he said really proved to be true today while i was skiing. That when people think they are alone they show there true colours. As i was just starting out heading north, i came into the middle of a group of school kids around 10 ish, al having a good time just shuffling along in the trackset on the right side of the trail. I was skating up the middle coming up behind an experienced older (40's) classic skier in the trackset on the left hand side of the trail. I was probably about 20 feet behind him, and another 30 feet up the trail on the right two girls were in the trackset. The first girl fell and the second girl jumped out of the tracks and started to head towards the left tracks, to avoid hitting her friend. I was impressed by how agile this kid was, the guy infront of me just unleashed on the kid. I couldn't believe it, TRACK TRACK, TRACK, TRACK, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!!!! Like he was finishing up the olympics. The kid who actually never came close to going into the tracks. And there was no chance he would hit her. But the thought of slowing down(from 12 kph to 8 kph) just enraged this guy.

He never swore or got really nasty, but i was still in shock, I skied up to him and as soon as he saw me you could see in his eyes, "oh shit i didn't think anyone was around" He just put his head down and slowed right down. I wanted to say something, not sure what but when he looked at me i could tell he new what i was thinking. People really do show their real colours when they think no one(older than a 10 year old girl) is around.

The rest of the ski was awesome sunny -6 ish, great conditions, made for an easy day to get the longest ski of the year in. I also heard a rumour Horseshoe is going to be adding a night loop which will be nice to extend the ski day past 4:30.

Oh and the return of BSG has been utterly devastatingly well written. I can't believe whats going on, and i don't know how they are going to wrap it up with 8 episodes left. And Lost also kicked some ass in its premier.

"There...our technology is far more advanced than our.....yours"
Former Chief Tyrol

"Do you need a chart to keep it all straight"

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