Thursday, January 15, 2009

still waiting

So according to the news, "this amount of cold air hasn't covered canada in decades" i'd really like to know how global warming fits into that. Its been a little chilly at night but during the day its about -15, so not bad i've gotten out for some long snowshoes, with starbuck, who doesn't realize shes not a husky.

Before i go any further, mad props to the pilots of the US airways flight that landed ON the Hudson river. Whenever i fly and read that little safety card i laugh when i see the plane floating on the water and people orderly exiting. I always thought there was no way you could land a big jet on the water and it not break up into a million pieces. Not to mention with no power, now if it was a little lear jet, i'd say no big deal, i could do that. But to land that amount of plane on a river and not crash, i want those pilots flyin me around. And yes i said both pilots cause who knows the captain could have had a hissy fit the co-pilot could have landed it.

......not much else to say actually, My Trek 5.2 pro road bike is for sale if your interested, its in like new condition, e-mail me if your interested, swabag at

Just over 24 hours until the season opening of BSG, oh man, can't wait, if only it was in high def.

"Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing"
Not sure who said that first(probably someone who crashed a plane and tried to explain the upside of it to the planes owner)

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