Friday, January 9, 2009

I know I know

Im a horrible blog updater, and i apologize to all my readers, all two of you. I can't say ive been extraordinarily busy, though i have got a few things done. Like opened a Tax Free savings account. The next trick will be funding it.

Today i went out to Horeshoe for an awesome ski, the conditions were perfect, we've gotten a fair amount of snow and the grooming was the best i've seen it. I think skiing on the off days really does wonders for when the conditions are good. I felt very solid today on the skiis, and when i was doing my intervals, i was able to get my HR up. Before i was limited by my technique heavily, but i was able to get it right up to race pace today.

On the home front, i've adopted a new snow removal technique. Im always trying to figure out a better way to get the snow off my driveway and today i think i found it. Its highly complex, maybe ill draw out a diagram and post it here.

All high on my new found snow removal wisdom i decided to blow out my neighbours driveway who has been away for a little while. The technique worked wonders however i have a bone to pick with the paper boy, who left three papers in the middle of the driveway under a foot of snow, for me to find. One i just skimmed and chewed up a bit. The second one i completely shredded into a thousand pieces which spewed out onto two neighbours lawns (sorry Nigel). The third i was able to discover intact. Good thing my snowblower is brut.

The snowshoeing has also been ideal the past couple days. Starbuck and I have been destroying the woods. Which is good cause i see a lot of surveyor flags and post in there, so i think its only a matter of time before Pratt Homes builds a thousand more houses in there. Who needs forests anyway?

Oh and my coach has a profile up here if you'd like to know who i argue with about training.

On the film front, (there are many front lines) im waiting for The Wrestler to open in the area. I have good feelings about, and i wouldn't doubt if it topped my list for 08. Yes even beating out the Dark Knight and Hancock. But we'll see, films have a way of dissapointing the past little while.

On the Television front, im anxioulsy awaiting the final season of BSG starting on the 16th at 10:00 on space. And the return of Lost, on the 21st(ish) both are looking very promising.

"I love this rug"

Bill Clinton

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Matt Spak said...

Is Starbuck ready to play with the Molly Monster on Monday night????