Thursday, January 1, 2009


So a new year came rolling in last night. And with that i have a few new years resolutions,

1) To cut back on my dependance on Caffeine.

2) To update this blog everyday(everyday i have internet access)

now that we have those out of the way, I went out for my first ski of 2009, it was the fastest conditions i have skied in a couple years. Basically cause there wasn't a foot of fresh powder to ski through like everyday last year. There was however a lot of sticks and twigs, and i wish i had brought my older skis. But i didn't sweat it and skied through it, about an hour in i was skiing up to the south trails, heading uphill at a nice offset pace when i stepped onto a pine cone, it basically stopped my left ski dead. I ended up face planting into the hard snow. Now i'll admit i have a had a few crashes during my xc ski's but they are usually the downhill variety or maybe flat. Never have i crashed going uphill.

"wow this is a nice ski, oh look at the nice pine cone........"

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