Monday, December 28, 2009

patent pending

So, to end the 2009 season Santa brought me a nice AWI cold, im starting to get sick of this same fraking thing. A few times a year, same timeline

day 1 scratchy sore throat,
day 2 gets a little worse body aches,
day 3 throat feels fine but full blown head cold.
Day 4 lots of burgers, but levels out.
day 5 start to feel a little better
day 6+ gets better for next few days

clockwork i tell you, i can set my calender by it.
For as long as i remember i have never gotten sick any other way, i don't think i have ever even had the flu.

Saturday was a good workout before getting sick, on the rollers for some shorter 6 min intervals, hard, legs felt worked by the end. Not used to doing this kind of intensity this early in the (training) year.

yesterday was day 1, laid low, killed the first section of a mind games book I got for x-mas. I kinda hate all the numbers 1-9 right now.

the weather hasn't been amazing either still can't decide what it wants to do, so i'm not missing much outside.(thats what im telling myself)


Friday, December 25, 2009

merry chris....... sorry i mean happy holidays

Its the calm after to the storm, (is that even an expression....well it is now) chilling with starbuck probably going to fall asleep mid sentence typing this.

Wednesday was a long multisport cross-training day. Headed out to home away from home horseshoe valley, packed the car with all my gear skate skis, classic, and my snowshoes, food, mypod shuffle. Started out with a 2 hour skate ski, did almost everything I skipped the farm loop and terry's test, headed back and and strapped on the snowshoes, just as i was heading out something happened that hasn't happened in .. 7 years of xc skiing i had my pass checked. Slightly grumpy british guy thought he had bagged a big one, asked to see my pass with a big smile on my face i said certainly and showed it to him. I could tell i ruined what he thought would have been the highlight of his day. Good snowshoe in some deep(ish) snow, up and down all a bunch of the ravines tried to stay off the actual snowshoe trail as much as possible as you could ride a road bike on them they are so packed down(lightbulb)

After almost 2 hours of that i switched footwear yet again for a classic ski, shuffled, kinda glided, till it was 4:30 closing time, Pretty beat after, the classic skiing is a totally different ball game that really is kicking my ass, i say that as a good thing, its a new challenge.

Yesterday was the big family gathering here so no training yesterday. Just good food, solving global warming, watching festive television like family guy and jackass. Followed by a 2 am opening of presents, ill say my family were not good consumers this year, we said we were going to go easy this year, and for once we all did. Sorry canadian economy, highlights of my x-mas haul, new jerry can, and lots of vertical striped clothes, think my family is telling me i need to slim down.

Feeling a little worked this morning it took me a while to get going but i managed to get on the rollers, the day off did wonders for my legs all the fatigue and soreness was pretty much gone. Once I got warmed up i had a great tempo workout, same 2 x 20 mins but a higher wattage. Quality ride, then out for the rest of my time on the skis in the bluffs. Figured out a very doable loop in there, super mild above zero the waxless skiis worked really well, the last 15 minutes the rain started coming down pretty good.

Merry Christmas to you all,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He's coming

Second day of winter, good news is the days only get longer from here. Working out mid afternoon feels really late when its starting to get dark at 4.

Yesterday was a total errands day, oil change, dog license(yes you need to have a dog license)(cats too, but i don't have any cats....) and my final x-mas shopping in the big red bag. And lots of stretching hip flexors haven't been that sore in years.

Today was a tempo workout on the rollers, 2 x 20 mins on, felt good, comfortable, after a quick change i headed out for a couple hours on the skis in the bluffs. Lots of falls on off trail descents and some good km on packed trail and it was all over for the day. Starting to get some good balance on the classics, key word starting too.

long cross train tomorrow is in order.


"If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians."

Warren Buffett

Sunday, December 20, 2009

ummm, ummm

post weekend, kinda for all intense purposes. Yesterday after a few days of sun and no snow i thought it was a good day for a outdoor ride. It was on the chilly side but almost no wind so very manageable, still bundled up in about 15 pounds of gear though. And the secret weapons of heat packs, it felt like my feet were at a day spa as i was riding, and to note they say "environmentally safe" right on the package. A few hours out there, some roads were clear some less than ideal, had a few slip and slid moments. Glad I got out there though it was easier on the brain than the rollers.

My alarm clock(K9) had me up early, the sun was out and it appeared to be another nice day out. A gallon of coffee later and phone call from the mayor of the Waub(its on a weekly rotation so everyone gets a turn) and i was headed to copeland for a touring ski. Saw a Mazda in the parking lot and decided it would be ok to pull right in. It was close but i made it. Headed out with Molly leading the charge, great ski, a little bit of everything, bushwhacking, packed snowshoe trail, groomed track-set. Skis were great, my nordic descending skills need a little work though,

I had grand plans of a few more hours on the rollers but i was feeling some muscles that i had never felt before, and opted for some highly aerobic stretching instead (soft)

"grape lady falls?, what is grape lady falls?"

Friday, December 18, 2009

blaming it on blackberry

Yesterday the plan was to hit Horseshoe for a skate ski, the entire trail system is groomed and open. Bought my pass online its supposed to save time that way, im not convinced but at least if it was really busy like getting the pass last year i would just go ski and not feel bad as technically i had bought my pass.(i can hear the lawyers saying "but you didn't sign a waiver")

On the way up, got some texts from Matt about a classic ski a little later in the day, i changed up the plan and headed up to Mountainview instead to see what there selection of classic skis was like. I had a lead they would have something i was looking for. Got there and got that warm fuzzy feeling that i remember from the summer, nice people, homey atmosphere. When i said that someone told me to check them out for skis the nice women looked at me very surprised like she had never heard that before. But they have a really good shop there with all the essentials you'd ever need for Alpine of Nordic.

Got set up with some waxless, wide, classic skis, and boots. Something i can just bomb around on anywhere anytime(in the winter).

Back to Horseshoe for my pass, quick and easy, guy wanted to use my old picture cause he thought i'd break the camera. Then headed to the copeland to try them out. Matt was hoping to be there by 4, but ran late and didn't get my texts, blackberry outage im saying. bombed around for almost two hours before calling it a night, skiis worked well, tried them on everything but groomed track-set, so far so good im looking forward to more km's on them to come. Spent more time than i would have liked doing some of the errands but i'm now set up and can just get out and ski.

Today was down to business woke up calorie intake and off back to horseshoe for a skate ski. Noticed my pass said "super cross country" not sure what the super means. It seems to be the same trails as last year, i thought there would be some new extreme features or something.

The conditions were great, a couple cold days and no new snow makes for some fast(relative) conditions. Skied the west loop first, going up katies hill, there was a tree fallen across the trail being held up by another tree, high enough to ski under(quickly) but i have no idea how the groomer got under it. Unless it came down today. See how long it takes for them to take it down. North loop next, this is the copeland loop, knowing the singletrack a little better now i was tempted to venture off, something for the classic skis. Not many users i think i was the third set of skate skis on it all day, which is nice in its own way. Some calorie intake at the car and hit the south loop last with two laps of the farm loop. Happy with 3 hours for my first skate of the year. Thinking my arms and shoulders will have something to say about it in the morning though.

My new road shoes arrived today, my 9 year old northwaves are finally being retired. Good shoes, not sure i have ever used anything as long as those, and i don't want to even guess how many miles are on them. The new Shimano's I can already tell are 2x stiffer and about a pound(ish) lighter.

Cycle tomorrow will the main workout with maybe some outdoor x-training.

Sounds like Astro has taken on another initiative and is looking into the club adopting a piece of ridge road.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


well we'll see, not much to report on exercising you can just read Matts, Tristans and Jacobs blogs for that.

good outing tonight with K. Sojurn stop to check out their ski selection, not bad but did meet up with an old SV buddy working there, chit chat. Lots of crazy nice stuff in that store. Killed some time. Wanted to hit the new pizza place but its not open yet. I want to get in there before it goes under and something else goes in there in a month.

dinner, ordered the same thing, server had a good chuckle. i wasn't happy

Starbucks wal-mart plaza location. May have found an even cuter girl that makes a better americano, and im sorry but its the way the hot water goes into the cup, it has to be gentle as not to "bruise" the espresso.(i totally just made that up)

film pick, the blind side. Excellent, better than i expected, 2 thumbs, and 2 big toes up. Krista really liked it too and shes usually hard to please with films. And Sandra Bullock is never hard to look at either.

lots o snow, figure a skate trip to the shoe is in order soon.

so yeah

if you read my last post im not feeling the blog right now,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

just about to jump on the rollers,

good meeting yesterday at the OPP,

good snowshoe last night

that is all

Sunday, December 13, 2009

SOFT/ another call to the police

yes, i did not compete today in Hespeler, i am soft i will not deny that. All i will say is it wasn't the "race" that kept me away, I'm sure it was a blast and I'm bummed i missed it. But with a late night ,pelting freezing rain/snow/hail/rain/fire/brimstone coming down as i was getting ready i couldn't drag myself onto the 400 in that. Your all welcome to a snowshoe tomorrow night and you can kick my ass and call me soft to your hearts content.

On to the late night, at 12:45 i got up to answer the call of nature and I look out my window and i see a random PT cruiser parked behind my Mazda. WTF, then i notice a sunfire parked behind the van.Both parked, not running, Double WTF. First off this is why its not good idea to own a gun, cause if i had one i would have grabbed it and loaded it.

I made my way around the house making sure everything was locked, checked the garage, Starbuck was still fast asleep so i took that as no one broke in. (maybe i put too much faith in her) edit:upon reading this it would seem starbuck sleeps in the garage, she does not. just poor sentence construction.

With all my running around Mother woke up and same response WTF.I looked around the neighborhood, all was quiet there no parties or anything going on, no cars on the street. Neighbors driveways were vacant. After trying to talk the other into going outside to get the license plates, instead just called the fuzz.....again. My first guess was stolen cars, it wouldn't be the first time we've had stolen cars dumped in front of our house. (Matts right i live in a ghetto of Barrie)

Cop came, hand on gun(see), checked the cars, came in said yeah WTF, I confessed my fear of going out myself, and quoted rule #8, "Don't be a hero".

Ran the plates not stolen, so basically it was our problem, gives us a number to a tow truck to get them towed, says they can just bill the owner. About an hour has gone by at this point.

Cop leaves, fair enough better things to do(I do mean that, not a snap) Tow truck driver says yeah he can tow them but he has to charge us, since recently the city of Barrie passed a by-law saying they can't do that anymore. So here we are stuck in our own driveway, and WE HAVE TO PAY.(add that to the list of reasons I hate Barrie) Also it was still possible they were stolen and just not reported yet. So its two in the morning, sure enough as my moms about to say, well better come get them two little F%$kers come out from a townhouse across the street walk(very quickly) and jump in and drive off. Probably waiting for the cop to leave. Little f%$ks are lucky they didn't get their parents cars towed. (Pete how do you like that cursive writing?)

Too fracking lazy to walk from the actual townhouse parking lot i guess. So didn't get to sleep until well after 2.

So there you go, if you park in someones driveway in Barrie and your car gets towed, no worries you don't have to pay a cent to get your car back. Remember that the next time you have a party, kinda like valet parking. But no need to tip. This city is so fraked up sometimes.

Woke up and yeah a little on the tired side. Mother went over and busted some skulls at the neighbors, she came back with bloody knuckles and said you should see the other guy.

After the President of the AWI made the call to really end the 2009 race season, i hoped on the rollers for a good ride, (as good as it gets inside) Miami Vice was the DVD of choice. Good post ride stretching, food, then out for some x-mas shopping, productive, stores will be kept to myself never know who reads this. New powercord for my laptop, there is another potential rant here but ill spare you. (your welcome)........(actually are you still reading this)

Starbucks stop, i'd be lying if i said there wasn't a cute girl who works there that makes a hell of an americano.

home walk the dog,

dinner, then watched the US cross nats on cycling dirt, good coverage, started out on the big screen but my computer got kinda dicey, like the graphics card couldn't handle it or something, don't know not a computer wiz, good enough on the laptop.

Good racing, Johnson did his thing, Trebon rode well couldn't do anything more and was gracious in defeat, Third on the other hand, won't go there. T(odd) wells 4th nice.(will make Paz happy) Craig was up there, Timmerman had a nice one, his beard is so awesome. Good stuff.

so, Dexter at 10 season finale, got a new book to read to keep me occupied until Lost starts back up again. A Philip K dick novel i have never heard of before.

oh Speed racer good story, actually really good story horrible horrible film making.

on a roll, if you are a film fan and or Kevin Smith(silent Bob) fan you have to watch "A threevening with Kevin smith" awesome hearing him sharing some good stories about his dogs, Mulder and Scully,(see) making cleaks 2, his role in Die hard 4, his medical issues, really good.

long post sorry, im sure im down to the hardcore 10% of AWI'ers. You are AWI platinum members.

Tomorrow Astro/BCC's rural road safety meeting at the OPP detachment, my job is to show up and not make the club/cyclists look bad. Then some kind of physical activity in the evening.

thank you to Nelson Papel, without who this post would not be possible.

p.s. i notice as starbuck gets older she hogs my nascar blanket and the bed more and more. I might as well just sit on the floor.

k longest post? maybe?


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunny with clear skies, not much wind, warmish, I knew I had to get outside on a bicycle of some sort today. The cross bike mad sense as i will hopefully be able to race tomorrow.I threw on my "grifo"s to try out on the ice/snow. I think they will be best if it stays cold and frozen, if not i'll put on the rhino's on if it gets messy. The big concern is actually getting to the race. Forecast is for 5-10mm of freezing rain in the morning. Could be dicey getting on the 400 in that. AM call i think.

The roads were in great shape today, clear and dry for the most part. The trails were tough on the cx bike, a lot of hike a bike, i kept that stuff to a minimum. Just a hair too much snow. With some warmer weather tomorrow Monday night may be possible. We'll see.

Horseshoe is open for skiing, good stuff.

Is there anything it can't do?

I'm in talks with ESPN 8 to develop "cycling powder 8". Also already convinced the IOC to drop another track event in favour of it. (it was surprisingly easy)

Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, winter is here but i would say with more of a whimper than a bang, too much snow/ice for good roads not to mention crazy high winds. Not enough for skiing/snowshoeing.

So I'm left with two options, rollers and pole running(I use running cautiously)So past two have been just that, some work on the rollers tempo and coordination, then outside for anything to get my HR into a nice endurance zone. Rule #1 cardio.

today after all that i was left with a dog that was thinking of ways to kill me in my sleep if i didn't take her out too. not long into the walk i met up with a boxer and his off-leash owner. This woman should be the third edition to the daily show/report combo, always some kind of snap. As they played, small talk, "whats her name?" Starbuck. "what"? then the old "wow he's really big". I can never win with this lady. Insult to injury the boxer is a total tease and demoralizes Starbuck.

so the focus of todays blog is where i came up with the name Starbuck for the dog. If this does not interest you i welcome you to change the channel, may i recommend another blog from the list to the right of this page?.

Its no secret of the BSG relation, but there are others, non coffee related.

the first place i can find the name is from Moby Dick, the character was the first mate of the the Pequod. And was apparently "thoughtful and intellectual" nope thats not her.

And yes this is where the coffee shop gets its name a little bit about that at the bottom of the wiki page.

next up, and getting closer is Agent Dana Scully of the X-files, another of my favourite tv shows, in short characters favourite book as a kid is moby dick, her father nicknames her Starbuck and is in turn called Ahab. Explained in an episode where she brings her little kick it, Queequeg, another character from the book. The little kick it gets eaten by a lake monster. The Dana Scully reference was the first time i had heard of the name.

next came, Kara Thrace from BSG, foul-mouthed, hot shot, just imagine tom cruise from top gun. One in the same really. Again no secret im a BSG fan, so when the debate came up what to name the little crazy puppy we just got came up, It was choosen. Tough, always ready for a fight, doesn't listen very well, bad knee, perfect fit.

so there you go a complete rundown, so now the next time i hear someone say "like the coffee place" i can give them this url. im having cards made up as we speak.

The Look,



sharkwater is on, never seen it, looks good,

oh good club meeting last night, lots on the go and by that i mean Astro has lots on the go and he tells me about it.

Hoping for more snow, or warm temps to get rid of what we have until it really decides to come down. One or the other is what im going for really.

Nitro-circus (orillia chapter) inspired link what i would do to have a ride in that.

k, gonna try to get an outdoor ride in on the CCX SL tomorrow in prep for sunday's throwdown in Georgetown.

quote of the day is a compilation

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Long time no post, i apologize I was hunkered down in my bomb shelter. Waiting out the huge storm that was rolling in. Wow the city did a great job getting rid of most of it, while i was in the bunker there was like only 5-10 cm on the ground. Nothing to worry about, so im sure there was more. bah,

ok so monday evening i headed out to midhurst for the what may be the last monday night ride. Yes i know i have said that before. But this is usually what happens a little bit of snow for one then unrideable till april. We'll see, good ride with Tristan and Jacob. Pace was brisk, until i led us onto a new trail, with some trees down. No crashes of consequence. Just the right amount of snow, to make it a fun sketchy

Yesterday, i hit the road for a few hours, i included some Tempo in there for good measure. Well what I/SNPD(when i was in the SNPD camp) would call tempo some say its endurance. Differing vocabulary i guess. Felt good to open the legs up a bit, i kept the hr in the low end of the zone, but my cadence at the higher end. Was nice to do a little structure.

Then hunkered down in the bunker to await the impending Colorado clipper. Caught up on some films, First up new release "carriers" not bad, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, are the main talent. Along the same lines a 28 days later, zombieland etc.... Pretty good, I enjoyed it, slightly more indie, not a big budget blockbuster. I give it 4 out of 5.

Next up on the double header, "Blade Runner:the final cut" still not convinced that Ford is a replicant, sure there is a unicorn dream sequence but what the hell does that mean. Still a wicked film, easy to see how it played as inspiration to BSG.

Woke up, sure enough the storm turned out to be a typical winter day. Some shoveling and snowblowing later, the driveway was clear. The rain helped too. It reminded me of a late march early april snowfall.

Man date with Jeremy and Matt at the new Rainforest Starbucks, now with real falling rain inside. Good thing i had my Mace water resistant jacket on. Not sure if it will catch on.

Home, ride on the rollers, coordination was the on the ticket today. Followed by Starbucks first snow walk since her surgery. Shes still a nut. She thinks shes a Husky.

Got a delivery late in the day, addressed to DR Watson, interesting.

Looks like its that time of year to play things pretty loose day to day with training. Not sure what the weather will be like. Tough to plan things in advance.
Short term, Sunday should be good, but i'd be lying if i said i'm not ready to get some good x-training in too.

good stuff

Monday, December 7, 2009

mid-day update

killing time, Sam has posted again, thinking i will have two blog lists, one tried and true bloggers, second will be the "on notice" bloggers, new blogs, dodgy, inconsistent bloggers, kinda like Blog parole or probation.

that is all.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

THE ride/spakfest

Pics uploaded weird can't comment on them individually, reverse order is more accurate chronologically.

So wicked ride today, huge turnout and by huge i mean there was more than just me and Charlie. So every person after that is a bonus.

Not going to lie, starting out was ominous, dark skies, freezing cold, but the old rule of thumb about if your warm in the first 10 minutes your overdressed was right and quickly got comfortable.

Made good time and before long we hit coulson hill for the first off road section, took a pretty direct route south to the 11th line, not before stopping to see Tristan's magic trick.

Sun was out in full force, so I made the executive decision to complete the ride as planned and head over to Scanlon creek, for another off road section, which included all of us doing a two wheel sideways slide down a hill in front of a couple wondering what the frack we were doing.

Next long long, p-a type headwind section, Matt refused to pull, something about it was his ride so he didn't have to. Back onto some gravel and hit the cookstown tim's for some refreshments, we beat the rush, as we sat down the lot filled with cars with x-mas trees on them.

Hoping to get some good snow squalls on the way back, didn't happen, sun was out the whole way. Then we were put in our place by a middle aged women on a Kona MTB, who absolutely schooled us on the rail trail. Matt was about to quit cycling and take up knitting on the spot.

finished on the natural gas cut, to make it memorable, almost ate it huge on the one downhill.

good stuff, kinda like brewery to brewerym the antirace and P-A all put together.

Rykoff, better get cracking on the blog.

next big event, Hespeler GP, hoping to be in decent shape, however lots of snow in the forecast so we'll see how many outdoor miles i get in.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Friday, December 4, 2009

Prep ride

In anticipation of THE ride Sunday I wanted to get a good preparation ride in for it. Headed out on the Bucket(BSG reference) again for an all in one ride. North today into springwater, hitting north simcoe rail trail, nine mile portage, midhurst trails, Hendrie tract, fort willow and various roads.

skill of the day, snow covered log overs on road slicks,

The weather was also all in one, started out well above 0, with the sun shining, by the end i went through 3 snow squalls, luckily the temp dropped so it was snow instead of rain.

Encountered 6 OPP when i was exiting Hendrie, they were all laughing and having a Jolly old time, until they saw me, they all ceased conversing and just stared at me like i was an alien. Another twilight zone moment.

ride map courtesy garmin

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Polar has arrived, so no more cheating on rides, if i'm out of zone it'll be beeping at me. At least i know what time it is.

oh, and never buy an extended warranty on a computer, absolute scam, i am refraining from a serious rant here, but yeah, total scam don't do it. Basically they can buy you out of your (broken)computer for pennies on the dollar if they don't want to fix your Computer. Staples FAIL.

around 36 hours till THE ride,

8 days till Hespeler grand prix,


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its coming

So just hanging out with starbuck watching some season 1 BSG, some good classic stuff before it got all super crazy(and by super i mean good)

Good quote

"I thought we were just sparring"?

"Thats why you don't win"

rehashing of the past 48 hours. Wednesday jumped on the bucket for an all encompassing ride, actually some of you may have seen a link to the ride on garmin connect, i was playing around with it and didn't realize it was posted.

One way to really hone your balance is to ride wet leafy muddy ground on road slicks, you'll find out where too put your weight fast.

Another good aerobic endurance ride,

today was an off bike day, did a little core, and took angel for a good hike, i also did some crossfit in the, no i didn't i can't lie.

Stop in the shop for a bit, then did a little shopping for the upcoming holiday gift giving event.

With winter slowly (very slowly) rolling in, the AWI CEO, and the monday night something vice-president, are cooking up an epic ride on Sunday, titled THE ride, it is also being called Spakfest in hopes of getting some hardy endurance specialists out for it. Should be good, there will be blood, tears, flats, broken bike parts, spread out over gravel, pavement, singletrack, rail trail.

Could be a snowy ride tomorrow,


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ok kid you can be on the blog roll

First Rykhoff is now on the blog roll, he appears to be able to put up the good blog fight. We'll see if he can keep it up.

Next, ride today was saaawweeeaaatt. Started out on the road, headed to Georgian downs and got onto the rail trail there. Sometime since the summer they have put down crushed gravel and graded the whole line all the way to Cookstown. Its now right up on par with the barrie-orillia trail. Used to be rough even on a MTB now its as smooth as a babies bottom on 26 mm tires. First few sectors even had snow coverage. Added to the epicness.

As i hit cookstown my tire was rubbing my fender a bit, broken spoke was the cause, as i was standing on the road(keeping an eye out for golf carts) playing with my nipples,(evening out the spoke tension) the sun came roaring out and I felt like just sitting down on a bench(there was no bench) and soaking it all in. Got the wheel pretty straight and headed back north along a zig zag of gravel and pavement, and a little bit of the rail trail again.

Got home, fenders worked really well, rode through everything and i was still very clean.

Also the fake tree is up and "designer" decorated.

got the powertap on the CCX SL, with slicks on for the rollers, when the mood strikes to do any "power" workouts.

Maybe use the powertap at the Hespeler cross for data purposes if its suitable???

14 day trend still has technical support at the 0 mark, oh man we are going to pay for this in January

Box is a stud

that is all

"Nathan falling = Andrew falling = Sam falling + Sam's false info = Andrew making fun of my blog = Sam being up set, and wanting to sabotage Andrew's bike at the next race"

Monday, November 30, 2009

It begins

Pete glassford inspired post with pictures,

Talked with the nice lady at the polar service center, shes the tech that does the tech stuff and she had h1n1 last week, so thats wicked so my polar will come back with the swine flu probably, ill douse it in alcohol when i get it back.

After a little procrastinating i was out the door, for the first solo road ride in the past while. First time out on the new (old) bike, yes you are counting the cables right. Just a 42 on front and mtb cassette on the rear.

Beard is coming in nicely, and by nicely i mean patchy, to keep the old face warm this winter.

I prefer to use action shots as opposed to brutally staged still shots like some people. This was taken at like 23 kph.

This is from Nathans bio pace big ring, you'll notice the elongated pattern. (that long scar involved my brother not knowing how to ride a dirtbike)

K, soo i was on the side of seadon adjusting my saddle height and fore aft, as this old lady in a covered golf cart buzzed me at 8 k an hour. No joke she almost hit me, the whole road was clear but she was not pulling that carts right tire of the shoulder. I was pretty sure i was in the twilight zone.

No idea how long i rode for, probably 2-2.5 hours, nice high rpm, aerobic the whole time thanks to the gearing i have. Good ride, little chilly but ill take it on November 30th.

a new blog to keep an eye on, its not going my left link list yet, but it has potential.

a little snow today,

k, thats it for now

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 has begun

Feeling refreshed after some mellow riding i was ready to get back at it today. Instead of Paris to Ancaster it was the subway cross but im doing the old car industry saying its the year ahead model.

Felt good to pack up and get into race gear to head to the city for a bike race. Survived the drive down Jane Street, city drivers really are a different bread.

Arrived and sure enough the usual suspects were there, Nathan, Peter (Morse & Mancini) Box arrived fashionable last but it was obvious he was in the zone. Got signed in and watched the junior m2's go off, quickly realized the course was very confusing and i had no idea how it all linked together.

Got ready spare wheels in the pit and watched the end of the junior race. The deal was that if Sam won it he could race the senior race. He did and immediately started the smack talk.

Got warmed up, the course was good, i realized there was zero barriers, non, nata, it was sweet. Still couldn't figure out the course other than Rod and the CXO guys installed wormholes around the course. I'm pretty sure that's how they did it.

Lined up, Craig is getting good at being a commisaire, "you guys ready to go?" ..."ok go" I settled in a couple spots back and just hung on the back of the lead group until i couldn't any longer. My shifting was a little off, totally my bad, it allowed the group to get a gap a little earlier but it would have happened regardless im sure. I found myself in 5th and in no mans land. Box and Jarred were off the front battling and Nathan and Morse were riding for 3rd. I got a glimpse every once in a while, looked like a good race up front.

I had to get off a couple times to adjust my cable tension but nothing to crazy. The M1 leader Derrick came by, i was super nervous and didn't want to hold him up. Rode with him for a bit but he powered away quickly.

Near the end of the lap i noticed Mancini gaining on me but i appeared to have enough distance to maintain my 5th.

Erik won, yeah hey who was it that called that oh right.

good stuff, and thus concludes the 2009 southern series, won the overall again, 3rd year i think(maybe 4th) i think i did 11 races,(could be 12 or 10) not in a hurry to look. It was a good season with weather that was nicer than the mtb season.

And once again its the people that make the series great, spectators, racers, organizers, all were amazing this year.

up next two weeks to prepare for the Hub race teams take down of there own rider Peter Mogg. Also, hr monitor or not i'm hitting the bricks tomorrow. And by bricks i mean some endurance.

no blog post isn't complete with a Tiger Woods theory, ok here's mine, he had to run out to get a movie back to blockbuster before he left in the morning, while pulling out of his drive way he dropped it and reached down to get it and lost control of his caddy........or he just had an accident that is no ones business and people should leave it at that. i know crazy idea.

Also calling him the best golfer in the world is like calling lance armstrong the best cyclist in the world, hes not, hes just the best tour rider in the past 10 years. big difference. Fabian Cancellara is the best.

k good stuff,

the facebook e-mails are rolling in over the photos better see the comments.

"oh right the character not the coffee chain"
finally somebody gets it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

back and atom

well im taking some good hits from all sides on here. Bring it.

Yesterday was semi -productive, took the dry morning to install the snow tires on the 3. Funny enough it actually started to snow a little as i was doing it. Car looks mean with the steel wheels on, ready for anything and by anything its still not as good as the Lumina in the snow, that thing could go through anything.

Then i had to update the firmware in the blu ray player, total fail on blu ray players in this respect. As blu-rays change with more features you have to update your player.(who knew) Took me a while to figure it all out, and i'm somewhat ok with electronics. Basically requiring to unhook the modem from the office hook it up to the player, and sit there for an hour as it downloaded to the player. So basically if you have a blu ray player you also need the internet to update it and need to know how to do it. I miss vhs you put the tape in a hit play. fail for anyone who just wants to put a dvd in and watch it.

A visit from my favorite northern ontario teacher, somehow escaped even though global warming means no ice road in sight.

AM was getting my bike ready for tomorrow, then headed out on my singlespeed to pedal around a little bit. First solo non-group ride in a long time. Gotta get used to that again.

Forecast is looking moderate, starting to cool off with a little snow in the long range, may be a while before i get on snow.

Have some new and different approaches to training this winter, in an attempt to cut back on mindless hours on the rollers.

Snowshoeing may not be the same depending on how Starbuck handles the snow, have a feeling it will be lot more solo stuff. Basically her favorite thing in the world so it will be tough leaving her at home when i head out.

"Tiger should have used a driver"
Just hilarious

Thursday, November 26, 2009

since monday

wowzers been a while, must be why my visits are down.

Well still just recharging the batteries for the season ahead. Tuesday am, got the car sprayed at Krown, lady said be careful of my brakes they may be squishy, brakes were fine the oil on my brake pedal on the other hand. Yeah foot slipped right of the pedal, good thing i wasn't following to closely.

P.M. "son number 1" came over for his birthday dinner, which of course meant the Keg, my birthdays tend to be at Wendy's hence the numbering system, actually Moose Winoskies as i love their mushroom penne.

I will say the Keg has the best chicken in town, i always get laughed at when i say that but its true. Im very particular with my steak and really only like it when i have full control over it.

New pet peave when someone calls you then says they'll call you back later and doesn't, you know who you are.

yesterday was a Starbucks morning, Matt and I even met some blog groupies there, signed some autographs, posed for some pictures the usual stuff. Then headed down to visit grandma for her birthday in Newmarket. Her talking about her boyfriend made me very uncomfortable.

home, chilled watched Frost/Nixon, excellent best boxing movie i have ever seen. I thought it would be boring and slow but wow, only Ron Howard could make it exciting. Featruing two of my favorite character actors Sam Rockwell and Kevin Bacon, highly recommended.

Still waiting for my Polar......

Astroboy is planning tons of projects for the Club, one may or may not be to take over the world. I'm getting pretty pumped for direction the club is going.

Kyle Fry put his rain cape in the dryer, the 8 Ball said nothing about doing that.

Subway CX sunday where Erik Box is my pick for the win. Should be interesting to see how i do with zero intensity since the Barrie cross race.

Looking forward to training again, first year i haven't actually stopped riding entirely on my time off, basically been taking any opportunity to ride with people as i can get. And everyone is pretty much in the same boat so there is usually more talking than riding.

Heard a crazy rumour Jeremy rode the winter wow, better not be true may have to have a stern talk about that one.

Seems like no blog is complete without this link looks like fun, may need to bust out the freeride jersey


Monday, November 23, 2009

Spoke to soon

Warning: this post has little to do with anything

So, you may recall yesterday's post when i got sidetracked with "Road warrior" or mad max 2, When i said i hope Mel Gibson is in the long promised mad max 4. Well, as i was typing that it was announced he wouldn't be mad max in the new film titled "Fury Road". The possibility of a cameo or small role is still possible, but the lead appears to be going to Tom Hardy, british character actor seen in Layer Cake and also he was the bad guy in Nemesis. I think it should be an Aussie and Worthington who is the new aussie it boy has been tossed around and i 100% think he would be awesome in that role. (Still think Mel could pull it off, look at Willis in live free or die hard)

Charlize Theron is also rumored to have a big role, so thats wicked.

Either way i look forward to it,

Feeling better today, took starbuck for an extra long hike today to make up for yesterday, shes pretty whooped right now.

Canadian tire stop for some price matching, Starbucks, meet up with the crew for a ride, made to feel bad cause i had a starbucks coffee, a perk of living in the south end, we have three, and the northerners are left with about 30 tim's.

Good ride, Ben let it slip that he watched an episode of BSG and really liked it, ha,

starting to get itchy for my polar to show up, may need to start without it, i'd be lost though, i have barely done a workout it for 8 years.

"hey you guy, im going to stop and roll in this smelly stuff here, hey you, watch this"
Starbuck if she could talk

Sunday, November 22, 2009

400 north

So, yesterday the Faze got picked up, in good time for me to jet up to the "waub" for get together, i missed out on the ride, but got there in time for pizza and Thrashin, pizza was good, film was well received,

Bob the cat is friendly he let me pet him more than my own cats, home bed, awake at 2 in the morning for a big scene in front of the house. Lots or talk but in the end i never saw any punches flying, cops got there about 12 seconds after they kids left, its a long way from a tim's in the north end.

Up, breakfast, right away i just felt a little off today, rolled in and as i was getting ready i felt this breeze, and though damn its really cold out here. And why do i feel naked? sure enough i didn't realize it when i put my bibs on put they were totally torn open at the back. Like one of those doors on full pj's i have no idea how it happened or how i didn't notice. Considered riding like that but figured i'd spare my riding partners and through my sweats on with some duct tape to keep my pant leg out of my single ring. Turns out to be a pretty comfortable way to ride.

Spak, my new friend Rob, and the Matheson Brothers, yes that right both were out, Jaime showed up up on anything DH, .....road warrior is on AMC stoked, really really really hope they actually get around to making another one while Mel Gibson is still acting. sorry sidetracked.....ride was good, a few other groups were out, couple of dh'ers sessioning the bermed downhill and skinnies.

Matt thought of a new motto for the BCC, ill have to share that privately,

home, nap i was feeling better but still a little off, Starbuck wouldn't let it slide though, i thought a walk would do me good too. Nope, got down to the bottom of the first trail and had to turn around, feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Starbuck was not happy with the u-turn, but i was not feeling it.

not sure whats up,

planning on doing the subway cross next weekend so hopefully not getting sick.


Friday, November 20, 2009

win some lose some

Looks like Bobkie won, sounds good.

weekend is shaping up, tomorrow hang out till the faze is picked up by its new owner, then up to the waub, im not invited to the ride portion as i don't have a giant road bike. but hopefully make the film portion.

then copeland ride sunday, figure it will be the final one this season as snow is appearing in the forecast later next week. And a little bit of snow in Barrie means ice age in the horseshoe valley.

thats, about it

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


yeah, been a few days since the last post, nothing to exciting going on,

Sunday, had some good intentions to get on the bike but it was cloudy so i didn't. The old fair weather only type deal nowadays.

Monday morning i spent in tears after seeing the provincials results, i then asked the 8 ball if it would ever happen, it said "signs point to yes" So there is hope for Box.

Coffee at Starbucks, re haching the weekend.

Got out for a ride with a good size group in midhurst, halfway through the sun started to appear turned out to be Ben after his late arrival.

yesterday, long walk with starbuck, theres this lady that always gets mad at me when i have her on a leash. So i let her off to play hardball with a Boxer. The bluffs are a weird place, you can't win, if your dog is off the leash you get dirty looks, but if you have your dog on the leash you also get dirty looks from the off leashers. I don't know what to do its like two cliques of people.

Last night i got a last minute ride oppoutunity on the rail trail, good ride a little chilly, some hot apple cider, solving the worlds problems as usual.

today, some phone calls, made some appointments, shipped my polar off to get fixed, i decided when i get it back ill start training again seriosuly. Usually a fast turnaround.

surfed the MTBr forums, its a crazy world that i am kinda new to and am blown away by the language and lack of respect there is on there. crazy. But entertaining.

Another hike with the devil, this time i said f-it im joining the no leash movement, sure enough i see tons of people out. The first lady got all nervous and asked if she bites, Yeah, shes a yellow lab they are known for there viciousness be carefull, that smile and tail wag means trouble. Next lady has two retrievers both of which are grumpy and Starbuck knows to just ignore them, then she meets a really young puppy, but she was pretty good and gentle so problems. So i've picked my side. Au natural.

looking like i won't have the cat named after me, thats good.

progress is being made on the geared MTB side, my lifes ambition is about to come to fruition.

Back is feeling better,

GI JOE wasn't great, wasn't too bad either

weekend is hopefully going to include some sort of group bicycle ride and film watching, thrashin has been proposed.

....i think thats it,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saw Amanda today on the ride and she said Hi.

So, today was the day, after years of "can you show me on a map where 3 stage is" and "na ill jus t go with you" and that person(s) never actually going. (except for pete and matt first people to ever give me a legit invite to ride there) .... I finally got to ride the infamous three stage.

ill back up a bit, being the eager racer i am i was ready to go at 11:50, sure enough we got rolling at around 12:30 after some people rolling in at 12:15. It was all good though, very laid back, some beverages consumed, some casual smoking, to expand the lungs and we were off.

10 minutes in and we headed straight up the escarpment, on a gravel road, a steep gravel road, and 75% of us were on singlespeeds, it was a scene out of a horror movie, people walking zig-zaging, the humanity, though everyone had a huge smile on there face.

some hike a bike and before i knew it we were in the mother of trail systems. Not to shabby some nice tight anti kabush trails, some carnage. While stopped a few riders came from the other direction, including Mrs. Sin. (or Ms. Sin) and the title says the rest of that story.

Good riding, had the gps on so i know the trails we rode, i can wait to get back up there and just explore, hopefully this week. By the end of the trails my back was just killing me, really thinking i need some gears, this big gear pushing is killing me these days.

one highlight of the ride was getting passed by the equivalent to the angry german on the train in europe. This guy was just pissed off at the world, and i am not surprised at all that he was riding by himself.

The ride back was interesting 20 under geard singlespeeders bombing down gray road 19, trying to out draft each other. Got back to the village, got cleaned up at matts place, (looking like i may have a cat named after me)

Dinner at the firehall, awards were given out, stories told, starbucks then home.

thanks misfits for a great day on the bike.

so so so tempted to go back tomorrow........

"my cat was pure evil, it would drop mice in the pool just to watch them drown"

Friday, November 13, 2009

1) just want to say good luck to my southern CX homies this weekend at the anvil and mooneys bay, kill it.

2) interesting video

3) finished deadwood, ok except for the fact it didn't really end. thinking HBO execs just kinda pulled the plug after the end of season 3. Good while it lasted.

4) Its official Starbuck is a nutbar

5) made a new goal for myself to own a mtb with gears by the end of 2010, wish me luck.

6) Really looking forward to the ride tomorrow and riding three stage. (#5 may be moved up to end of the month post ride)

7) Avatar looks good, so does 2012 for pure popcorn value. (and john cusack)

8) So the colbert nation has raised almost a 1/4 million for US speedskating, if you watch it you'll see big nation logo's on there thighs. Dam, the CCA needs to find a sugar daddy like that. Rick Mercer???

9) apparently there is someone out there that has a man crush on Matt and Myself kinda freaking me out.

10) all of the above

"The passion for playing chess is one of the most unaccountable in the world. It slaps the theory of natural selection in the face. It is the most absorbing of occupations. The least satisfying of desires. A nameless excrescence upon life. It annihilates a man. You have, let us say, a promising politician, a rising artist that you wish to destroy. Dagger or bomb are archaic and unreliable - but teach him, inoculate him with chess."

H.G. Wells, Certain Personal Matters, 1898

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Didn't get the memo

Well thats all folks(now that its front page glassford news) for the 2009 bikcycle race season. (except maybe subway......and hespeler...dammit, ok but just going to show my support for the various causes / events that good people put on)

Last couple years i've gone to the bitter end of my fitness and mental fortitude, this year trying to quit while im ahead so to speak. Hopefully get back onto a program sooner this year too. Actually this year as opposed to the new year is the plan.

Monday night had a good ride, even with not being able to see the trail and riding off into the woods multiple times. Rode the hard man route all the hills the wrong way on the single speeds.

Yesterday long hike with starbuck, then off to the BCC AGM, good meeting.

Today another long hike with starbuck, then off to an early dinner and a flick.

dinner good, film not good,

Amelia, not going to even give you a reason, if you trust my film reviews then just trust me, horrible story telling. ill give you the ending they went with the old she crashed in the ocean and was lost......when its widely believe she ditched and was captured by the japanesse and held during WW2. But hey. whatever. Bad movie, was very tempted to walk out.

looks like i will get to kill it at the anti race on saturday, should be good plan on ripping some legs off.

"Looks like a hawk"

"Its a Kestrel"

"whats a Kestrel"

"its a Hawk"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BCC HW S&B CX 09 (hows that for short forms)

Oh boy was it a nice day today to be in the great outdoors. As soon as i woke up it just felt warm.

I headed out to the course and arrived just in time to watch the tail end of the M3 race. The place was buzzing with cx excitment. I got registered and on my way through saw Jack, a little worse for wear apparently crashing at the start, wishing him well.

Got to witness Jeremy ride his bike, which was awesome. He said he was racing, luckily he was kidding. Tammy was racing though, after doing some crossfit on saturday. Jarred also stated his soreness after the same crossfit session, sounds like there coach is a hardman.

Walked around a bit, to see what the course was like, stopped at the barriers for a bit. Watched some of the younger riders get to ride around them, when i was that age i had to go over them. Slackers, (kidding)

Liz did a bang up job marshaling the barriers.

Got dressed a little early and go a lap in before the 11:30 start, course was fast fast fast. Then got my camera out for the 11:30 starts, good size groups especially the junior race. Highlight was Sam Rykhoff showing his ambidextrous dismount skills. Mad skills.

Handed off my camera and headed out for a warmup, up the 6th line and back and onto the course. Mostly by myself but i was able to grab Zach's wheel for a bit, he was super motivated today and was going to kill he said.

Passed the time before the lineup by watching Starbuck have a bout with Wiki, Starbuck had some solid take down moves but Wiki drew first blood therefore winning the battle.

Lined up, beside the Mcor duo of Li and Smith. There was some M1 chatter behind about phone calls from the OCA, long story.

Again we lined up way to early, too many type A personalities. But with a relativley big field i guess it was good to be on the front line.

Start, Stafford and Batty good off the gun fast, i settled in behind Morse and Box, i could sense someone really trying hard to pass me under braking, and making me kinda nervous. Up a climb sure enough juiceboy comes by like he's got a number three on his door. Into the corkscrew, Mark was starting to form a nice gap to us. Not panicking but didn't want to see it get to big either. Moved past morse after the barriers, and behind box and Jared "burpees" stafford. Doing the turn onto the tunnel over and i could here some bike carnage behind me. apparently a riders rear wheel came out of there frame.

Past Box, up to Stafford, who pulled off to do pushups for time allowing me to take up after Mark.

By the finish line i was with Mark. Went by after the start line, and held a nice high pace. The loose sandy climb split things up a bit and it became clear that was going to be a seperator in the race. Me being me, and the way i am, i never let an oppourtunity to open a gap more, so i kept the throttle at 11 and before long put some good real estate to the chasers.

I didn't have my watch on so i had no idea how much time to go and lap board wasn't up yet. I undrestimated and sure enough the board came up wtih 5 to go. I had a nice buffer and didn't want to crash so i turned it down to 8. For the rest of the race, except for the two climbs they were 11 just to stay on the bike. I could see Jarred and a gap back to Erik, with Mark out of sight.

The cheering sections were great today a couple kids who seemed to run around faster than i could ride it to cheer at different sections. Not to mention the usual BCC suspects.

The last lap was tough, legs were feeling it and my back was getting tight, thinking this AWPD standing, big gear, climbing is a little tough on the back.

Finished up in 1st place, (apparently i don't make that clear sometimes) Stafford and Erik 2nd and third.

Awards, chit chat, then home, dinner,

chilling, may try to watch Dexter if I don't pass out, getting down to crunch time for next weekend..... i just don't know.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Moffat Stakes Race

So woke up blah blah blah the usual. Back down the westbound 401, this time past Kelso to the next exit down the road and past Mohawk and bam on a horse farm or a farm with horses, not sure if horses are “farmed”. Just walking around a bit the course seemed to be very old school. Actually it reminded me of the alpha five farm race.

Got to watch and take some pics of the 11:30 races, couldn’t have asked for a better day to watch or take part in a race. Got changed headed out on the road for a bit to get warmed up.

Headed out on the course for a lap, yup Log barriers, a little singletrack, it was great. It was a little bumpy at pre-ride speed.

Lined up, there was an ok number of seniors and m1’s, just big enough for our own starts. Moote led off the start I was shuffled back a few into the first barrier, may or may not have been hit from behind causing a bit of a crash. Nathan took over the lead and I settled in behind Mancini for a bit, well the uphill grind into the headwind bit. Came by on the next barrier run up. I had a little gap to Nathan but the singletrack section took care of that. Or Nathan not pre-riding it to be exact. The couple barriers in that section were well placed with tight uphill corners right after. The next two barriers I think were semi useless, just kinda there.

Caught onto Nathan, the course suited him and his big ring power, Good q-ring course it was said. Rode behind for a bit, then came by figured I’d share the work, Nathan was having none of that and immediately moved back into the lead. We had some good back and forth battles for a bit before I got by on the inside of a corner jus before the singletrack section. The gap grew from there.

Came by 3 laps to go, huh feels like Steve was cutting us some slack and making it a hair on the short side, Kewl, kept the pressure on, started to ride the main runup after the barrier not sure if it was faster but I hate running.

Lapped through 3 laps to go, and Steve yelling something about going faster, darn it. Settled into a nice pace and tried to have some fun on the course. There were some sections that had me smiling for sure.

Of course the entire True North factory was out watching and heckling to no end. Never getting to far from the pit though. Just in case someone needed a frame welded up I guess.

Finished up, Nathan was 2nd, and Mancini third.

Good times, great course, (- two barriers) awards were good, there was a huge dog that I thought was a wolf walking around after.

All cleaned and ready to go tomorrow at hardwood, like I said all readers within 150km radius are expected to attend.

Sounds like the course is a combo of last year and this years Wednesday night course.


"upload failed"

Friday, November 6, 2009

Taking one for the team

Today was the usual pre double weekend process, of getting everything cleaned and tuned before getting everything dirty and detuned.

I was planning on just heading to Hardwood tommorow to help out with getting the sunday course set up. You know pounding stakes in all day, running tape, fun stuff like that. But shucks, the bib numbers have to get to the race on sunday from the race tommorow near Moffat. I bit my tongue and volunteered to go to the race and bring the numbers back. Oh well someone has to do it.

Also got the Road bike all ready to go to a new home. Looks like it will stay local, so i can check in on her every once in a while. (Tear)

Once i got everything dialed i got out for a ride in the bluffs on the CCX1, Make sure all the bugs are out of it. Found a nice new trail in there, way better than the trails that were cut last year that never really got ridden in cause they kinda sucked, but this one was really well laid out, and even being extremely fresh i was able to ride most of it on the cx bike.

Home, into my civies to take starbuck for a walk, back into forrest, pretty much all the leaves are on the ground now, looks like a golden brown carpet laid over the forrest floor.

A little more work in the shop, starting to get to that crappy point in the cross season where for every 60 minute cross race, you spend 120 minutes even colder washing everything in the dark.

I'm strugling with the choices for next weekend, New Jersey is most likely out as i have no plans for that. There is the Anvil/Mooneys bay races in ottawa, or i show up to and kill everyone at the Antirace race. Yes im a bike racer and i will race it. Suck it misfit. (oh and pete yes i got your e-mails and as you can see im not sure yet)

Liam has "resigned" from trek world racing, im expecting the phone to ring any second now.......

stoked, k back to packing,

Paz is talking 29'er again geez, cause 26 inch hardtails are dead (even though 98 percent of WC XC racers still use them)

"no dogs allowed"

guess starbuck is staying home tommorow

p.s. i expect all my readers within a 150km radius to attend the race at Hardwood Sunday

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting Primed in Waubababaland

So headed down to the city for lunch with Kev and Matt P. Good stuff, talked bikes, business, girls, H1 N1, you know all the usual gossip. Did you know that Shimano is going to 11 speed next year, why? cause it goes to 11.

Drive back home was interesting just north of King road it turned into a January Snowstorm, and the Mazda without snows is a little sketchy, kinda like small blocks in greasy mud. It was a thin snowband that i got through after about 2km. By the Marsh is was sunshine and butterflies. Another couple patched of snow, saw one little spinout, and 80 firefighters standing around it.

Home finished building the Faze for sale, its all ready to go so come buy it. Free to good home. well maybe not free but a good home is a must.

A quick bit to eat and i was off to the North, Yes there is a place that is even further north than Barrie. Headed with Jer and Tammy to Matts for a little viewing of Aspen Extreme, yeah put 4 ski ( former) instructors in a room and its a given that it would be picked. Just as good as i remember, great one liners. Also got to ogle the shop setup which includes a bike bathtub, yeah.

home, eats, blogging, facebook surfing, bed, MSN conversation on the new MSN don't like it,

"Tell her you went to the olympics"

"I didn't go to the Olympics"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

todays events,

Well for a ride, i slid down to Coulson's for a mtb ride, not sure if i would get another chance this year before the snow flies. Good ride, some new trails in there, one really new piece that look like it was cut(raked) yesterday. And it appears some huckers have been in there too, as there are three big gaps at the north end. One is crazy huge, or at least it looks like it to me as a xc'er. I bet if i had my freeride jersey on it would have looked smaller.

great ride, didn't get shot by any hunters, bonus,

just saw the best subaru commercial ever, going to go by one.

Heading to the metropolis in the am, rumour has it a 2x CTS winner will be around. Interesting.

Then home for a bicycle ride, of some sort,

Wondering when the day will come that i start winding things down for the season. I think it will be soon. Or whenever i have that race that just tells me to pack it in. With only a few left not sure what will happen first.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maytag coaching services

Yesterday, was lots of cleaning and such after the double weekend, before loading up to head out to the 8th for a night ride. Tristan and Matt were in attendance, Ben was supposed to be there, but maybe he got lost trying to leave his driveway?

Good ride, almost impaled myself once, lots of sliding around on hidden wet 45 degree logs, somehow we all managed to get out in one piece.

Good sleep up for coffee, and it was sunny, by the time i finished it was raining, awesome.

Took my time getting ready to ride. The diswasher repair man stopped by and gave me crap for stretching, saying its not the thing to do anymore. I said my left knee and its tendency for tendinitis disagrees. After reinforcing Starbucks bad habits he left me to head out to ride. I dressed for dry, maybe a slight drizzle. Sure enough it didn't take long for the hail, sleet, and snow to come down. So yeah cut that ride a little short.

Out for some supplies and back into the shop to do some more work on bikes, getting the Faze ready to sell, and my fender bike all ready to go. Its going to be dope, last year my winter bike was probably close to 30 lbs. Taking out all the stops and hopefully with fenders it will only be a little over 20.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

DAY 2, High and Dry

Last night was a record setter with the number of kids coming by. Took a while to get started but after a while they just started coming in swarms.

Woke up to nice bright sunshine thanks to the time change. breaky, loaded up the van, hit tim's i scored a hot apple cider, they seem to be random where and when you can get them.

Made it to Kelso in time to watch the juniors/m2/womens start, got some good pics. The junior race was great to watch very tight lots of lead changes. My wednesday night sparring partner Sean Kelly from Bradford won it.

The course was looking dry and fast, complete opposite to yesterday. I warmed up a little on the road, and over near the MTB course, think i found part of Pete's left lung. Can't be sure.

Rode the course a few times, a very nice condensed course that was great for viewing the race. A little bit of everything.

Both Peter morse and Issac were on the sidelines sick, im starting to get sketched out, i don't know if more people are sick or if im just noticing it more..... think i might curl up in a ball for the next 6 months until this thing passes.

Got lined up, stood there talking to the other guys and realized Brad the starter wasn't even there yet. Good start nailed my pedal first try and got on nathan's wheel. First set of barriers were tight, or the left right after moreso, I jumped on Erik and i think Marco ran it, some jockying there.

Nathan was pushing a huge gear and wasn't accelerating out of the corners to quick so i moved past and into the lead. Box and Jarred formed up a few seconds behind me. I settled into a nice high pace, I didn't want to make the same mistake as yesterday and almost blow up on the first lap. Rode the climb well and started to open the gap up a little. I focused on riding the fun sections fast and rolled the flats in a big rolling gear. Box and Jarred were still together which made me slightly nervous, but with some many loops on the course i could see just about everyone and know if i was putting time into them or vice versa, as long as it wasn't coming down i knew i could just keep doing what i was doing.

Partway through Jarred distanced himself from Box and but my gap was holding steady. The beach was full of hecklers and every time through there was lots of commentary. Tim was there to peer pressure me into doing something showboaty, one of these days karhma is going to come back and bit me.

Kept the pace high, last couple laps i was able to bring it down and notch and enjoy the course. Except for the long grinding climb, that one hurt a bit.

finished up, post race debrief, awards. I have a fridge full of beer now, Should be good till next october.

The speedriver guys put on another great weekend of racing, like always.

monday night night ride tommorow looking forward to that.

"Im sick"
80% of the people i know

edit: great Quote from Erik

"Cyclocross is about fun. It's about great people, building great courses (like this weekend past; THANKS SpeedRiver!), riding mud, sand, being a tech weenie and enjoying the fall, while the rest hide inside."

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Low side Rhino test

Up today was Kelso day 1, which is run on the lower(wetter) side of the two completely separate courses that the speed river guys do here. And yes this makes it my first chance to ride and race my new rhino's.

backing up, i woke up at 7:30 looked out and it was still dark, awesome. Got some coffee going and got my camera all ready for some picture taking. Sure enough the team photographer and Support crew pulled the plug today cause it wasn't a nice day to watch a race. Solo mission today.

Got down there by 11:00 ish, got signed in and took some pics of the junior's and m2's before getting back to the car to pin some numbers and get dressed.

Highlight of the M2 race was looking left, to have Rick crash from the right and slide basically to my feet. It took all my willpower to not take a picture of him laying there looking up at me. He was alright i think.

Its official i am the worst shoulder number pinner in history, frack i suck. The back number no problem. anyways.

Did one lap that was enough for me, the rhino's were good on the flat greasy corners and it was muddy. Finished my warmup on the pavement around the park.

Lined up, started got through the first corner fine second wheel, Jared went really wide on the first set of 200 degree corners, they were tricky. I got past there and just kinda hammered. I thought yeah i feel good i can keep this up. By the end of the first lap i had a good gap to Jared and Nathan, right about the time i realized wow, i can't go that hard for another 52 minutes. The course was deceptivly energy sapping. Pure power course and i realized i really needed to pace this a little bit. The hardest part of the course was the runup, which came after a long gradual slog up some long soggy grass. Basically, i boiled it down to tempo, tempo, tempo, trot up the climb anything above that and i would explode with that run up.

I put a little bit of time into Jared who put some time into Nathan every lap. With those conditions, it really was just about who could put out the most amount of Kilojoules in an hour. The corners were slick but you came into them pretty slow so nothing to hard.

Nearing the end of the race i started getting some chainsuck(don't worry just paint, the frame is fine, in case there is anyone reading this that may worry....) had to back pedal a couple times, and try to use my big ring as much as possible. Of course the first race in a year i haven't had my spare bike setup, and I almost needed it.

By the last couple laps the race was mostly decided barring a mechanical, so I put a limiter on the effort to try and save some legs for tommorow. I walked the last runup to the taunting of Mike Dennis and Rick Meloff. That was were i was counting my laps too.

awards good, won beer, never a bad thing. In the fridge chilling as i type. Tommorow is looking good(dry)

Rhino's good, especially on any slick corners, no offcamber but i bet they will shine there as well.

Spent a good 2 hours cleaning, those muddy saturday double weekends are a little nasty sometimes.

ok then,

there are some little free loaders coming to door now,

"Zach its a little hard to draft me when i'm behind you"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

oops forgot a title

So, thursday, woke up, it was foggy, waited till the fog lifted to ride. Fog continued to vary the few hours i was out on the bike, made for a dreary ride, but the weather is dry and relatively warm, 100% ride able so can't complain. Also saw a bunch of other cyclists out enjoying the last few decent ride days. Good ride, i took a cue from Peter and stuffed my pockets with steak, basically i do everthing Peter does just a day behind him.

Ran some errands i decided to be frugal and rent The Plan, but no blockbuster isn't renting it so i guess im forced to buy it.

dinner with the bro and mother, where they proceded to try and get me to get the servers phone number saying she was my type. which is funny cause i don't really have a type. Edit: Female is definitely the broad type, but past that no type,

Oh quick film review, MOON, very very very good, two thumbs up, its no Zombieland but a real thinker. Sam Rockwell stars in the lead role(s) with some Kevin Spacy "hal" like voice work. Not an action film or crazy drama, kinda a short film which makes you ask a lot of the future.

social interview questions on facebook are kinda creeping me out, got two semi, non hetero comments on two question in a matter of minutes,

so yeah, killer, stoked

"you know what the worst day of my life was? The day i met you and you put the idea in my head I could pilot a ship in space.
Tommy Lee Jones

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That concludes that

Wednesday night, post race at hardwood chillin with Starbuck, who's bark gets louder as she gets older. I can be in the shower, with the fan on, at the front of the house and i can hear her barking in the backyard. She doesn't care that she is getting zapped by her bark collar she just keeps barking. Luckily she doesn't bark to to often but when she does you know it.

anyways, yesterday i got out for a nice ride on the road. Not too many days like that left. 15 sun, little wind.

today, more bike work, various things here and there, then headed out to hardwood for the race. Great night for it, warm the course was dry and hard and made for some quick lap times.

Jack and the velocity boys have said they intend to run the series again next year, be killer to start one week earlier and go one week later maybe? (thats just me thinking)

My brother has informed me that my baby has been sold, the mazda is great but there is no subsitute for a nice american sedan like the Lumina. To bad american car companies make nothing but garbage these days.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scary stuff

Probably the earliest monday morning ride i have ever done, 10 am. Usually Mondays are reserved for easy spins or an evening ride.

But all it took was Jacob to say the magic words and i was headed out to the copeland forrest for a ride with him and Brendan. Only have the singlespeed at the moment so i knew i was in for a hurting.

Took me a while to realize it was my first mtb ride since the last world cup a month ago. And i felt it especially on the fully rigid setup, i had to ride off the trail on a long downhill cause i just couldn't hold onto the bar and turn at the same time. How the hell did i ever race a bike with v-brakes and 63mm of travel? Kids these days are so spoiled. Discs, 100 mm forks..... or maybe we should all go back to that. that would be sweet retro racing, no discs, hardtails only, must weigh at least 25 lbs. think im on to something. i guess thats called cross racing.

anyways, good ride, after a slight navigational disagreement with Brendan we finsihed up by noon. Word is there is a couger or two running around in there, awesome.

got home, made some pizza's for lunch took starbuck for a long walk, well i walked as she sniffed every leaf that was on the ground. an explosion could have gone off but she would have continued to smell everything.

nap, unintentional, dinner,

now for the scary part, tonight is the new season of the most frightening show on television, i cringe and don't want to venture outside after watching it. Yes thats right Canadas worst driver.

frak it pisses me off how these people get there drivers licenses. Im sure they are nice people, but these are the people that cause major "accidents" who should never have gotten a license in the first place. I have zero respect for the canadian drivers licensing system. I think they give them out in cereal boxes. No car control, no idea what the driving laws are etc etc. Its another sad example of driving being a right of all canadians over 16, not a privilege to those who can actually drive a vehicle. frak.

quote of the day

"is this the trail?"

"If its not it should be"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

200th post

And to celebrate you all win a prize, yes, you all get to continue reading my ramblings.

Today was semi productive, got my Faze 1 almost fully built up and ready to sell. Went for a ride, dropped off some more deadwood, second season has started well. Stopped by the shop which is quickly becoming basically a Tim Hortons for local cyclists. Hang out talk politics, business, MEC, all that stuff. Oh and picked up some more glue, im looking into buying into Continental or Vittoria stock the way im going through it.

Long way there, long way back wasn't really out there for anything in particular.

And yes i am not taking in any competitions this weekend.

Speedriver kelso races will be attended for sure. One more wednesday at hardwood as well.

The Plan comes out tuesday and with that in mind brings the quote of the day

may have written this previously but its some of my favourite dialogue from the show.

"....they'd force the foxes towards the river"

"So what would the foxes do?"

"Half would turn and fight, the other half would try to swim across. But my uncle told me about a few that would swim halfway out, turn with the current and ride it all the way out to sea. Fishermen would find them a mile offshore just swimming"

"Because they wanted to drown"


Friday, October 23, 2009

a few more posts

So you'll notice below i have listed some stuff for sale. I've also linked it on the right side of the blog. Need to make room for new stuff and raise some capital. spread the word if you know anyone looking for some good stuff at great prices.

while working on the bikes, i found a bunch of grass sticking out of my rear tubular from the weekend. so thats two tires rolled, awesome so im reglueing that. Saw Annabelle Langlois yesterday at blockbuster. She picked up Cutting edge and Blades of glory, (no i actually don't know what she got. that would be creepy if i did)

I finished off deadwood season 1, started really well, a great HBO series just like Rome with a similar feel and style. But it kinda faded near the end of the season. Great acting, some of the best tv character acting i have seen since the x-files.

so yeah, good stuff,

Lemond Fillmore 53 cm fix/single speed road bike

Up for sale is my Fixie, its in great shape, it was only used on nice warm sunny dry days. Kinda like my equivalent of a porsche.

As pictured, including pedals. Stem could be swapped out if needed for something similar but a different size.

Steal frame, carbon/alloy fork, comes with a 19 and 16 tooth fixed cog, and an 18 tooth, freewheel for singlespeed. flip/flop hub. Cane creek brakes, bontrager select, bar, stem, wheels, post. Really nice ride.

Deserves a new home where it will be ridden more.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pile up

So, tonight headed out to hardwood for the 3rd evening cross race. The weather was a little on the nasty side. Numbers were down a little, just the hardcore's out tonight. Lined up at the back of the first wave. Glenn started us and, raced, i think thats a conflict of interested but ill let it go i guess.

Warming up the course was in good shape some corners were faster than ever. Coming into the corkscrew you can usually rail it pretty good, luckily i wasn't at the front and sure enough 3 guys all slid out at the same time. I would have done the exact same thing, from the time we lined up to the time we hit the course it was already getting muddy, every lap got a little worse.

Settled into a group. Feeling the effects of the weekend a little i think. It was a battle between Brendan and myself, and Sean Kelly, who unleashed a nice attack, took me a few seconds to realize he was finishing, it really had me going.

Im pretty sure Brendan was stronger than me tonight. but i was able to mentally break him with the look and get a few seconds gap. He is getting closer every week, i think next week is going to be an insane battle.

One more week, im thinking -2 and little snow would be fun.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rule #1 Cardio

a couple days unwinding from the weekend, not a whole lot to unwind from but thats my story and im sticking to it.

Yesterday i got my passport sent away to get renewed, fun times at the post office for sure, listening to two people try to figure out every single way possible to mail something, i almost offered to pay for the express if they could hurry the heck up.

Stopped by the shop, monday night ride problem solving.

Headed down to the marshland of Bradford for dinner and zombieland, well actually it was Newmarket. good dinner, got made fun off again for ordering orange juice, servers just love to dig at me for that.

Onto the film, excellent, i think i underestimated it. actually right after i saw it i wasn't even that impressed but it kinda sunk in and i realized i really liked it. A real roller coaster, scary, funny, sad, happy. Many themes, love, purpose, overcoming.its on the AWI top 5 list for 2009.

Yes since we are coming to the end im going to get the list up here. Yes there are a few flicks i didn't see which could be up here like "9".

but here it is

1. Inglourious Bastards
2. District 9
3. Watchmen
4. Zombieland
5. Terminator Salvation(purely based on entertainment, back to the story, and Christian Bale)

today, coffee with spak, home, short ride, home bike maintence party.

to many good one liners but i just can't pick to many as they contain a lot of profanity

"out west, we hear it's out east, out east they hear it's out west. It's all bullshit. It's like you're a penguin at the North Pole hears the South Pole is real nice this time of year. "

"There are no penguins in the North Pole. "

"You wanna feel how hard I can punch?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 2 the “I don’t know what the hell everyone is talking about that’s harder than the hill side” course

Lather rinse repeat,

Up, actually yeah didn’t go for a spin this morning, all the food was the same, load up, drive down to the course.

Got there, got changed and headed over to do the usual pre race socializing, Realized that St Johns “garneau” glasses are the exact same as my Ryders glasses, we argued about who copied who almost came to blows but Natasha broke it up.

Signed in Brad Day said yeah same call up order as yesterday, I thought we’ll at least I didn’t get moved back. 3rd row isn’t too bad. Watched the womens start good racing, closer than yesterday. Warmed up on the gravel road for a bit before getting onto the race course for a few laps of it.

Got called up became clear I did get bumped back as I was suddenly 4th row…interesting but ill leave it there. Matt was there to tell me to suck it up. Start was ok, it wasn’t as good as yesterday was more or less on the slower moving side around the first corner. Grabbed some wheels and just settled in until the pace settled a bit. Lost a good chunk of time the first lap. The Cannondale trio rode off the front and never let up.

I was riding with DZ and KD for a bit, moved past kept the hammer down, DZ stuck on but going around a fast left he slid out. I didn’t know that at the time, next corner a right onto some pavement I slid out under the tape. KD came by laughed, he knew me and DZ weren’t going to make it so he backed off. Smart.

Got going again, made the pass again, thought if I crashed again in from of Kyle I would never hear the end of it, I was able to keep it upright. Bridged up to Bakker, it appeared there was two chase groups ahead, it was a big gap to the Batty group, with Schooler, and Trace. Got by Osmond and found myself chasing in no mans land first time this weekend. Took me about 2 and half laps to catch on. Again 3/4of the matches were then gone.

Sat on for a lap, there were riding pretty strong and I was all over my bike just trying to hang on. Schooler pulled off and it was down to the three of us, Batty, Trace and myself. The group infront was putting some more time into us, well me. Mark asked me to come by, may or may not have been snooty, I was getting tired, but I came by and put in a good effort, I actually opened a gap. That was short lived as I fell on a right hander again. Of course Emily was standing right there. Basically gravity took over and I was on the ground. Mark and Trace repassed me. At this point I was just hoping to stay out of the way. Just then a squirrel jumped in front of mark and I thought it was going to take him down.

Trace attacked good on the last lap, I moved past mark, and put in all I could but we just strung out a few seconds each and more of less stayed there to the Finnish.

I ended up 9th, a lot better than last year, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Lyne Bessette said good work on yesterday didn’t know who it was cause her glasses covered half her face. Turns out she was 4th women in the Toronto marathon today. Damn.

Got interviewed by Colts dad for cycling dirt, totally started hand talking again.

Frack, I’ve tried three times to upload the pics to facebook, keeps failing, man im getting grumpy.

Post race brews with Matt P, Jer, Tammy, Pete, Tim, Noble well he watched us drink. While yelling at the M1’s to go faster, its true its very easy to say it while watching.

Big thanks again to all my support for the weekend.

Spak won his category today at Hardwood, good stuff.

“tired now”

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 1,”the hurt locker” as Scott Kelly would say….from the sidelines…holding a beer.

Woke up, went for a morning spin, took a flick(year one) (pretty good) back to blockbuster, two birds one stone.

Had a solid breaky, and got some food ready to take down. Got packed up, then just relaxed with the feet up for a while watching a little superman returns. After watching a bit of Cast Away, way to depressing.

Loaded up the AWI, racing vehicle with the team photographer, and mascot. After not trusting my directions, we arrived, I’ve learned by experience that there is no westbound Ranforth exit, and you have to get off at carlingview. But year after year they keep writing that for the directions.

Got signed in, the day was perfect, chilly but the sun was warm, course was dry almost dusty. I was able to sneek onto the course before the womens race for a lap, didn’t get vary far before I rolled my tubular off, first time ever, though to be honest it was more of a hitting it off on the stairs I was trying to ride. There was a guy with a video camera so it may end up on you tube or something. Rolled back to the car, and put my other heavier wheels on. I wanted to run the lighter wheels I have, they are coming to the end of their live but I figured I could get another race on them. Oh well, can’t go wrong with 1700 gram reflex/32/ultegra setup. Still waiting for those carbon tubulars to show up to ”review”……..i swear I will declare them.

Anyway, the women were off so I headed to the Sunday course on the other side of the venue to warm-up. Juice and I turned a lap or two before he disappeared, serious he was behind me then he was gone.

Good pep talk with Matt and Havy, got stuffed squared away.

Got one lap in on the course after the womens race then got lined up. Third row right in the middle not bad, behind Box, who was behind Mike so good starters.
Start wasn’t bad, nothing too crazy singled up into a nice train pretty quick. The gaps started to form even before we hit the first climb up the hill. Just started trying to jump across whenever a gap opened up and soon I found myself in the top ten coming up to the lead group, containing the Cannondale guys, St John, Schouten, Jacques-Maynes and Anthony. Came into the barriers to hear being yelling big crash, just caught the aftermath of Powers bailing really hard over the barriers. He must have been right in the middle of the group as it slowed them down enough for me to latch on.

The pace was pretty high, St. John and Johnson were at the front. I had burned about half my book of matches to get up there so I needed to just try and hang on for a lap and hope to recover. It was tough the pace on the climb was incredible. Out of the saddle sprint. I managed to stay attached and even move past Schouten.

Can’t remember when Johnson made his move but when he did he meant business, and gapped everyone quick. Driscoll was at the front and he was next to go up the course. I was still trying to get my bearings back and sat on at the back. So group of 4 Schouten, St John, Jacques-Maynes and myself. It was my turn to hit the deck, just after the barriers I was little off my line and in the loose stuff and before I knew it my front wheel was gone. Schouten got by me so I was left chasing for the next lap of so to get back on. Another ¼ of the matches burnt. Got there, and not long after moved past Jaques-Maynes who faded back.

3 left, I was looking at a top 5, podium spot if I could at least hold on. Matt was yelling at me like a mad man and I knew I had to try for the top 3. I attacked hard with 1.5 to go, got past St John, but couldn’t put any real estate between us. Led until the second part of the climb, I drifted wide, getting tired and opened it up for him to get by and attack hard on the left side. I buried it, but he put time into me across the top. Quickly running out of ground took a risk or two on the decent and narrowed the gap. I knew I couldn’t out power him into the finish but I wasn’t going to pack it in either.

On a fast right hander, he slid out which opened it up for me to get by. I only had a few feet, I had used my entire Kyle Fry issue match book, but I stuck it in the big ring and hammered out the last couple corners and straight, holding onto a few seconds. Definitely the hardest fought cross battle I have ever done.

Started to put time into 2nd, but I’m pretty sure he just cruised the last lap, saving a little for tomorrow, Johnson was 35 seconds up.

Huge thanks to all the people yelling and chearing, had some Barrie and area guys come down to watch which was great. Matt P for holding my bike like a pro and not letting me let up an inch, Pete for keeping Matt in line. The Scandium Norco loved going up and down that hill too, it has that down part in its blood I just have to sit back and relax it just steers itself.

Up next bed, race is earlier tomorrow so out a hear a little earlier too. It’s a totally different style course, out of two times I’ve never been able to put it all together on it. But im looking forward to it.

"At least you didn't swear when you crashed"