Monday, December 29, 2008

A couple reviews

With 2008 coming to an end and the big guns coming out, i have a couple reviews for Marley and Me, and Valkyrie.

First up, i found myself in a packed theater on xmas day, i guess i wasn't the only one not celebrating christmas, for opening day of Marley and Me. I was informed of the ending from someone who read the book, so i new it might be a rough film to watch. The film bounces around a bit, but is mostly about the ME, and not so much about Marley. Owen wilson does a great job, not sure if i can say the same about Aniston. Overall its not a great film, and if your not a dog person or animal person it will probably not have much impact. But if you happen to have your own "worlds worst lab" at home it kicks you in the gut a few times. By the end i am dead serious when i say there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd, 250lb tattoed tough guys were shielding there eyes as they left the theatre. I'm glad i saw the film, but i'll probably never watch it ever again.

Next up World War 2 suspense thriller, Valkyrie, now i don't want to give to much of the plot away. But basically its about an assasination attempt on Adolf Hitler. (i won't tell you if they are succesful) I really enjoyed the film. Very well done, well acted, well directed, and i actually didn't mind Cruise in the lead role. He did a good job, but he was out of place next to a great cast of british actors.(with british accents, which was a bit odd as they were all playing german officers)

stay tuned for more reviews,

oh and i went for a ride today, it was cold and windy but the roads were clear which was nice. \

"Why are you laughing"

"Because im immature"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last day of fall

Today was the last day of "fall" so i guess we'll start getting some winter weather now. I've been home for a couple days now from winnipeg. The trip started with a Westjet owner grilling me about why i was going to winnipeg. Kylie and I had a good time, mainly inside cause every time we went outside in the -45 wind chill it was like getting punched in the face. We saw a couple movies that aren't worth the electricity it takes to type these words. Got a little shopping done too at the fine winnipeg malls. One night we hit up a starbucks, and had two of the worst drinks ever. A eggnog latte and and ginger latte both were horrible. Maybe cause the Baristas were 14 years old and have no idea what a goo coffee tastes like.

We got a nice snowfall last night so the ski trails should be in good shape for the next week or so.

I was reminded today why i usually have my christmas shopping done in november. I had a few last minute things to pick up, which obviosuly had me heading to walmart. It was insane, people with three things in a cart getting upset they can't move anywhere. I saw a lady just going nuts on people, i was able to just slide past the maze of carts with ease. Then i went to chapters, a much freindlier atmosphere but the line almost circled the store, which i didn't wait in, ill hit it up early monday morning.

The family is coming over tommorow (yes the 21st) for christmas dinner. Should be good.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3rd annual cold weather endurance training

Well for the past few years ive been heading to the Arctic. And again i find myself packing for winter. The weather forcast for toronto for the next week is decent bouncing around 0. Winnipeg -25, i always come home with a heathly respect of our moderate climate here in the GTA.

Have you ever seen cool runnings when the jamaicans land in Calgary and put on every piece of clothing they have. Yup thats what ill look like tonight.

Winnipegers are a tough people. Its not all fun and games however as i will be sitting down with my Coach going over my training plan for the year ahead.

If anything exciting happens out there ill update, like if i see a polar bear walking down Portage avenue.

"In Burma, did you ever catch the Bandit in the forest?"

"Oh, Yes"


"We burnt the forrest down"

My favourite line from a film this year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Australia....well green screen with some outback drawn in

As the cycling season, at least the racing part, comes to an end. I’ll be adding a few of my signature film reviews on here.

December is looking like it will be a busy month with most of the Oscar worthy films coming out within a few days of each other. At the end of the month, Revolutionary Road, Valkyrie, The Wrestler, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, And Doubt all come out. These will most likely take home 95% of the Oscar take come February 22nd.

Tonight I went to see an early contender release, Australia. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not one to pander to a high budget movie, with big actors just for those reasons. So if my review sounds a little harsh its cause I do hold these films up to a slightly higher standard.
Looking back last years best Pic, No country for old men. I see the perfect example of a lower budget film doing great things. You don’t need to have a huge budget to make an oscar winner. But if you have that big budget you should use it wisely.
So as you can already guess I was disappointed in Australia. It could have been great. It should have been great. But it wasn’t.

The effects were something out of a low budget action flick. I was expecting to see some real Australian outback scenes. I was very disappointed in the large amount of CGI and Green screen used. There were a couple great scenes with cliffs, stampeding bulls, but it was so fake I almost laughed. I think way to much money when into kidmans bank account than into some well layed out real action sequences.

The First 30minutes(of 164) were horrible, cheesy, I almost walked out it was that painful to watch. Luckily the story did get better and I was able to stick with it. And I will say the story was great.

Kidman was way over the top, I know they wanted to stick with an Australian cast, but if that was the case I believe Naomi Watts could have done a way better job. The lead male role was filled by none other than Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. In what I believe was his first real dramatic role.

Overall, it really fell short of what it could have been. Probably the worst "good" movie I’ve seen in years. They were really trying for a dances with wolves type epic. It wasn’t even close.

I think this leaves the Best Picture category still pretty much wide open, It may still get a nod and may still squeak in for the win. But not a shoe in like some other people are saying.

"3 hours of my life I will never get back"
What I said to myself

Monday, December 1, 2008

The way i see it

Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on the parliamentary system in Canada. So if I am wrong on anything please let me know. I’ve got some real beefs with what’s going on in Ottawa right now. First off I want to make clear I did not vote for the Conservatives. And I don’t necessarily want to defend Harper. But the Canadian people voted Harper and his government into office. Period. If that was a good thing or not is besides the point. He was voted in using our electoral system. Does the system need some work? Yes. I am a supporter of a proportional government. (you can probably figure out who I voted for) But the fact is, that’s the not the way it is.

Maybe what the liberals and NDP are doing is the best thing for Canada, I’m not saying its not. (actually it probably would be good) what bugs me is the people (Canadians) voted one way. And a few people in Ottawa are getting together and telling the Canadian people what they really want. Like we are a bunch of children who don’t know what we want.

And as I understand it comes down to a single person, ONE person will decide what happens, The governor-general. There will be a vote on December 8th a "non confidence" vote. If the house does vote that way. Harper can ask for a election, or the Governor General can choose to accept the coalition government and place Stephan Dion into the Prime Ministers seat. Basically it comes down to a SINGLE person deciding who’s in charge of our democracy.

Did anyone see Star Wars episode 1? Didn’t work out to well for them when Palpatine was placed in power with a non-confidence vote. Didn’t Caesar come into power in a similar situation?
Again, if I’m missing anything, please let me know. I could be.
This is how I see it turning out.

The conservatives are ousted and Dion becomes PM. A couple months go by until the "Coalition" falls apart, and we are back to square one with a non-working government. An election is called, a conservative minority is voted back in and boom a year is wasted for the sake of politically grandstanding.

The Canadian People voted for a Conservative Government and with that, Harper as Prime Minister. Period.