Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thats it folks

Its looking like im calling it a season. Thanks to all of those that voted, other than the 12-8 in favour of racing. All other signs point to pack it in, and my coach telling me to call it. So as president and CEO and CFO of AWI racing im veto'ing the vote.

It's been a good season, Starting with Paris to Ancaster, and finishing With CX provincials. I hope to have a season wrap up soon.

I went for a good ski today at Horseshoe, after waiting for an 1 hour in line to buy my seasons pass. The skiing at Horseshoe was great, the terrain really lends itself to the long steady skis i do in the winter.

"So when does spring training camp start?"

"Monday, december 1st"

.........i wish i was a baseball player

Your call

So i can't come to a decision about racing tommorow at the last cx race of the year, so its your call, there is a poll on the right side of this, for "race" or "chill" its your call.

"I'm just going to look at T.V.'s im not going to buy anything"

Friday, November 28, 2008

what grinds my gears

You know what grinds my gears....

1) Canadian politics, no wonder we are basically a joke to the rest of the world So we just had a federal election which the conservatives won. Now former PM Jean Chretien and a former NDP leader are getting together to form a "coalition". So they can control the house and all the decisions. what??? why do we even have elections, the people(not me) voted in the conservatives. Canadians(or the 40% of which actually voted) want a conservative government. But the liberals and the NDP want to take control. Isn't that like a hostile takeover or a coup d'etat.

1.1)I have a few beefs with Harper, but i don't know if any goverment could pull us out of whatever we're facing. Flaherty probably has one of the toughest jobs in the world. Make the Canadian people believe Canadian government can actually do anything. When in realty the Americans (bush) led the world into this mess, and even 700 billion isn't going to be enough to get it out. Whats a couple billion going to do for canada? Nothing, the Americans have to lead the way out. You can't have a strong Canada with a Weak america it just won't work. Its all just politcal grandstanding.

2) know who you are....

3) The new young driver laws. I personally think that zero alcohol tolerance should be enforced for every driver. I don't know the difference between a 19 year old drinking and driving and a 21 year old drinking and driving. Like all of a sudden boom, you can drink and drive when you turn a certain age. Actually i think if the government really wanted to crack down, zero tolerance across the board, if you get caught drinking and driving boom, license suspension for a year. 2nd offense boom 5 years. 3rd....get a lifetime bus pass. And don't give me any bull about "but a person has to get to work, thats a little harsh" Its a little harsh when your driving home from work late at night to your family and you get smoked by a drunk driver. When I got my license i was told, driving is a privelege not a right. Somewhere along the road that gets lost with lawyers and judges.

3.1) The new law prohibiting first year g2 drivers to 1 teenage passenger. I think this would cause more problems than it would solve. Just read all the facebook comments and i agree with about 90 % of them. When i asked a certain police officer i know about it, he just rolled his eyes and said how the hell am i supposed to enforce that. So i think at the end of the day, theres probably only about 2 cops (o.p.p. probably) in the province who would really give a ticket to a young driver driving a few of his freinds to many cops give tickets to kids for riding bikes with no helmets??

4) Snowplow drivers, let me just say i know this is a tough dangerous thankless job. But we must have a new plow driver this year cause he(or she) miss our driveway by another foot everytime he (she) makes a pass. Basically making our driveway longer, im out there snowblowing half the road. Our two car driveway is now a three car driveway. Basically all the streets in the neighboor hood are about 10 feet narrower than they should be. And its not even December. which brings me to my next point

5) Al Gore.

......i think thats pretty much it for this rant. I'm currently sitting right on the fence about racing this Sunday, im thinking of going to spectate and try for the fan of the year award, which is currently jointly held by Erik Box and Cliff from the HUB/devinci team.

"Every teenager is a horrible horrible driver and they should all be punished for being teenagers" im paraphrasing

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost wrapped up

One more race, one more, just one, then im done for the year. Starting to feel the season a bit in my legs.

It looks like winter is settling in. Went for another snowshoe today.

Hancock, came out today on DVD, my #2 movie of the year. Though most critics don't agree with me.

In December im heading to winnipeg for a week of cold weather endurance training.

I hope to get out on my skiis soon,

"that is all"

Monday, November 17, 2008

hat trick

I went to bed wondering if we would be able to get out of the driveway let alone get down the 400 to the magical snow wall that is hwy 89. With a malfunctioning snow blower it was up to my huge amount of brute force to clear just enough room to get the van out of the driveway. We made it the 400 and made a deal that if it wasn’t any better by the time we got to 89, we would turn back. I really wanted to make the race but I didn’t want to end up in the ditch with the other cars we saw. Sure enough we passed into sunlight by the marsh and were quickly on the way to Port Hope.

We arrived just after the 11:30 race started so I grabbed my camera to take some photos of the many racers. I quickly realized there was only about 20 people out on the course. And after a quick survey there didn’t seem to me many people gearing up for the 1 p.m. race. I walked a bit of the course and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, like two years ago. I geared up including some secret weapons in my shoes. I warmed up on my spare bike to keep my main bike as clean as possible, not that it would really matter. The course was pretty much the definition of a pancake, which featured a beach run along lake Ontario. A set of stairs and a couple puddles. We lined up as instructed behind the master 1 group. Not sure exactly why the commisaire had us do that. They started out and we had 30 seconds to get ready for our start. The start was pretty quick, I was able to snatch the wholeshot onto the beach run with Scott Kelly on my wheel. And Guy right behind him, riding file tread tires. I was pretty keen to real in the masters, so I put in some hard efforts which distanced me from the seniors and I started picking off riders. By the end of the second lap I was had caught everyone but Dermont and Ingram, I was riding with Dermont at a good pace while Ted was nowhere to be seen and I started to have flashbacks to him riding away at Crank the Shield. The race was about two things, putting down large amounts of power to ride through the soft sections, and not breaking anything on your bike. With that kind of mud and debris its easy to snap a derailleur or snap a chain. The key is to stick it in a gear and don’t shift until you know you can with little power on the pedals.

I reeled in Ingram, and carried on just riding my own race, it was a my race to loose and I just tried to stay smooth and out of trouble. We got a little bit of everything during the race, hail, snow, rain, it made it an epic fun course. I got heckled pretty good for running a few sections but I managed to get to the finish line in 1st taking my first Cross Hat-trick, and pretty much locking up the overall tittle. Mathematically Morse or Box could still win but one of them would have to win the next two races and I couldn’t score any more than 3 points.

I think the total race turnout was one of the lowest in years at just under 70. Too bad for a great course, and organizer. They had free hot chocolate and coffee. When I asked for a hot beverage Mrs. Winn gave me the kettle and told me to fill it up outside. I got kinda worried thinking she meant fill it up in the Lake, After I asked "what exactly do you mean outside" I was relieved when she pointed to a water jug on the porch.

After washing off in lake ontario, I picked up my hand made toque and loaded up the van for the drive home.

This morning I woke up and started the long driveway cleanup. I started to shovel the end of the driveway but it would have take a couple hours by hand so I got my hands dirty and started surgery on the snowblower. I somehow was able to take it apart put it back together and it worked. Even with the blower it took a while.

Tonight the monday night ride has been converted to a night snowshoe. Well im not going to attempt to ride. I also ordered up a new light system, its basically a mini sun, with a nuclear power source. Too bad I don’t think I’ll be using it this year.

"I wont say how much weight I had on the bar, but lets just say the girls on the treadmill weren’t laughing at my tan lines"
Kyle Fry

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking a bit like winter

So im sitting here looking out my window as the snow falls. Still waiting for Global Warming to kick in. The past few days have been good, i've gotten out on the cross bike and singlespeed. I've also discovered somebody has been building some singletrack in the bluffs. With the cities permission im sure. Its not bad, a few tight uphill corners which i don't think will ever be rideable, but it needs to be ridden in a bit too.

Today i went down to the Trek Store for some cables, i ended up just loitering for a few hours. Though i did manage to plug the BCC as a young lady was asking about it. She seemed really enthusiastic so i hope i see her next year riding with the club.

I'm hoping the weather holds off for a couple more weeks, i'd like to be able to ride right till CX finals at the end of the month. I think i have a realy good shot at my third overall title. Last year i made the mistake of snowshoeing for the couple days before provincials and for some reason i felt like crap.

My bag is packed and my bikes are ready to get demolished again tommorow at the Port Hope cross race. Its held at the US Collegiate champ, Zach Winn, property right on lake ontario.

I should have some photos and report up tommorow evening.

"Buy my Epic"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So i had a long ride scheduled for today, as i was finishing up cold, tired, hungry, grumpy...... i came through barrie's waterfront construction. What a clusterf#$k seriously this city is retarded sometimes. Luckily i was stopped behind a city bus so the exhaust keep me warm as i waited.

Then i get home and I'm told someone is coming through to look at the house (which is for sale if your interested) and i have bug out with the dog. I was still pretty hungary so i stopped at timmy's for basically the only thing i will consume from them, their Chili. I park the car and opened up the chili and its all runny, its the second time i've had tim's chili and its been like that. If this becomes a trend ill be pissed, It used to be rich and chunky, no its more like soup. Not happy.

But then me and the Starbuck had a good walk, and she was happy so that made me happy.

"How can we make the biggest traffic mess ever downtown?"

"I'm not sure but i'm sure we can do it"
City planner meeting

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Productive Forward Motion

Today I headed down the 400 for the second UCI C1 race at Centennial. After some less than ideal races at Hardwood and yesterday on the F1 course (im pretty anti F1 im a way bigger nascar fan, dry, fast and lots of turning left) Todays course featured lots o climbing up the ski hill side. I’ve raced this side of the hill a few times but never with this much climbing. Midweek really outdid themselves with making two very distinct courses.

I did a few warmup laps, skipping the hill on a few of them to stay on the flats. I was having good sensations warming up. I stopped in the pit a few times to chat with various people including Kyle Fry who said he was having problems with his Chrysler. I told him to stick with japanese, like a Mazda 3, Way more reliable. Anyway I rolled to start line hearing some grumbling of some out of province riders about the ski hill. I also felt my ears burning a little. I lined up third row again and had a decent start, a little better than yesterday. The start was a little more sensible too with a slight .5% grade and headwind the speeds were a little more in check.

I came into the barriers in the late teens, and settled into a group with Steve Tilford, The younger brother I never had Mark Batty, St john and few others. The race started to splinter into little groups and I wanted to keep moving forward so I made some passes. I supposedly crashed on my head, but I don’t remember ever falling not sure what’s up with that. I rode up to Molly Cameron and Osmond Bakker, not wanting to settle in too much I went by and continued riding smoothly and picking off fading guys every lap. I rode the downhills conservatively and used the flats to recover while using the climbs to gain time. I rode up to Mike Garrigan, and using my highly tuned Jedi mind techniques I made his chain snap just as I got on his wheel.

I found myself in the top ten with a few laps to go. I was holding my own and not losing anytime to the US riders in front of me but just couldn’t ride up to them. I rode into 6th place and with two laps to go I was trying to reel in Matt Shriver, but just couldn’t close it down and rolled through just off the all american podium.

Even so, looking at the results I am quite please with my lap times, and wonder what could have been if I had a better start position, maybe next year ill travel to a few more UCI races.

I want to send out a get well soon to Erik Box, who crashed hard yesterday. I look forward to dueling right to the end of the season with him for the Ontario Overall title.

I have to thank my AWI fan club Shane and Robb. My tireless pit crew Kevin Haviland, and Matt Paziuk(an elite rider himself). Norco performance bicycles for building an awesome cross bike. And Don Gain who lent me some sick Carbon wheels to use for the weekend. And to my driver Maria Watson, who always gets me to races on time(even if she drives over every curb she sees)

I can also announce officialy that i will be riding for Norco Bicycles in 2009. not really a surprise but my people and their people just finalized a deal.

"so do you guys like punishing yourselves in ontario?"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exactly to plan,

So like I said in my previous post I had a plan, break the race into quarters (4 of them) . That’s exactly what I did. I spent ¼ of the time riding sideways, ¼ of the time sliding on my ass, ¼ of the time learning what 1 step forward 2 steps back really means , ¼ of the time riding the wrong way.

The race had some gong show moments even before the race started, about 5 minutes till race start, the commisairses decided they wanted to start measuring our bikes like they were TT bikes. They did about 5 bikes and decided they would have an angry mob of 40 cold cyclists to deal with if we had to stand around anymore. The American riders were really impressed, which someone shouted "blame Obama" too. Just before Tim Johnson was called up he went up to pet my dog, I was hoping starbuck would bit his hand hard enough so he couldn’t brake. She didn't and just licked him instead. Back to the race, I got a decent callup third row. The start was pretty much insane with 40 guys riding 45 kph into a left hand corner, with half the guys on alloy wheels which when wet don’t brake well, and the other half on carbon wheels which basically don’t work at all. There was bound to be trouble and it found Erix Box and a few others as they went down hard right behind me. This was followed by a right hander which saw about 4 riders go down in a heap, Including Kyle Fry pull out an impressive 180. I was able to sneak past on the left and found myself in a good position, I could actually see the red, white and blue of Johnson. We hit the first run up which was quickly followed by a slippery left hander. I did not negotiate this corner with much grace and found myself on my ass, as I remounted I put the power down, and I felt really fast cause my rpm went to 200 with no effort. My excitement turned to disappointment when I realized my chain was off, I tried for a second to get it back on but with my chain watcher it was slightly jammed so I hoofed it to the pit and slid quickly back to the bottom 5 or 6 riders.

I took a quick handoff from Havy, with Kyle Douglas catching my Norco, in what was a pretty smooth bike exchange considering it was my first time with assistance. While Havy fixed my A bike I continued on with my slippery sliding falling adventures. I got back on my Norco and it was all good. I tried my best to be smooth and slowly real people in, but whenever I gained a few seconds back I would slip up and fall or go through the tape or back the power off cause my rear wheel was beside me. After I almost took out two photographers, hit another rider head on, blew through a couple hundred feet of tape I decided to back it off a bit and save my legs for tomorrow.

I settled into a bit of a groove, but then I quickly realized I was going to be lapped so I picked it up again to ensure I finished the entire race. I ended up 24th out of 45(ish) starters.

Today was a huge learning experience, it doesn’t matter how good you feel it doesn’t mean your going to have a good race. My legs felt awesome, I don’t even feel like I raced, but I couldn’t translate that into productive forward motion. Something to work on.

Friday, November 7, 2008

a quick update

I was third at the Barrie Cross race on sunday. It was hard.

Monday i was still feeling not well but i tried to go out for a tempo ride. it didn't go well and i turned back early.

On Tuesday i went to the Tuesday night ride for the nicest night of the year almost. I was the only one to show up so i called it a night and went home to watch the election coverage. At 11:00 p.m. i was informed by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert that everything was going to be ok.

Wednesday i woke up to a beautiful morning and went for a ride. Then went out for dinner to Boston Pizza.

Thursday i went out for a prescribed 3 hour ride. And was amazed by the amount of cops i saw on shanty bay road.

today i finished my prep work for the TO cross races this weekend. They will be tough starting from the back, but i have a written plan, i basically broke the race into 4 quarters but i can't give anymore detail than that. Unless you pay for my coaching services, then i let you know the strategy.

stay tuned...... I may be able to officialy announce some team plans for next year. (its a huge surprise)