Monday, July 28, 2008

St Anne world cup 08

I knew it was going to be a rough day, waking up feeling a little better but not much.

I had a big breakfast and my usual coffee before heading up the hill to get ready for the start at 2 oclock. I secured a feeder and headed out to warm up. World cup starts are usually insane so a good warmup is pretty important. I had a decent callup about midpack, third row. And as usual the start was nuts guys riding like the start loop is the entire race. By the time i hit the first climb i was still in a good position. But the effort cost me and i could feel my body telling me to ease up or i'd never make it two laps. So by the second climb i set it on cruise control and just tried to ride steady. There were a few times i wanted to pull out and call it a day, but i knew i would eventually get pulled and would end up with some uci points so i stuck it out, and by my last two laps i started to feel ok. I managed to pass a few riders who were absolutley blown. I was pulled with a lap to go and ended up 37th.

I think i had the best race i could have had on the day, hopefully i can get healthy again before this sunday's world cup in Bromont.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Tank Challenge

St anne world cup day 0.

Firday i set out to head back to Mt St Anne for the first of two canadian world cups. Solo mission in the car so to make things interesting i wanted to see if i could make it here on one tank of gas 50 liters. I cheated a little bit and filled up in Cornwall for 120.0 which is practically free these days. After 950 km and 10 hours with stops i rolled in using 54 litres. So close. While driving i was getting a little congested but thought it was just the ac. But when i stated to settle in i realized i had the signature Andrew Watson post good race head cold. So i headed to the drug store to pick up my usual meds and got back and got to sleep early to get a good nights sleep.

Day 1(saturday 26th)

Today i woke up not to bad feeling a little better and after a little breakfast i headed up the hill to register, Since i would probably have to pay a 200 hundred dollar fine for not signing in i figured i'd pay the 70 and hope i feel ok for sunday. Since we can't ride the coures till noon, im back at the motel watching the final TT of the Tour.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


yeah i know, im sure your all dying to hear the nationals report, its been a busy couple days and i haven't had enough time to sit down and write it out.

I spent the day repacking to head back to st anne for the world cup this weekend with a short break to do a 35 km club tt, where i got set some new pr's for longer cp's so i think this weekend will go well.

oh......and I got to see the Dark Knight. Awesome, best film i've seen in theaters in years. writing acting, makeup......just go see it.

"THE Batman" f
For some reason they neve call him "Batman" its always "THE Batman"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So im back home from Nats at St Anne which went well, i ended up 4th which is PB for senior elite.

im int he process of a full review and writeup but its Mom's birthday today (first one im not missing in about 8 years)

but untill then here is a quotes compilation from the Project

"This is the Loop and this is me orbiting it and sometimes i cross through it"
LJ on being out of the loop

"Dude, your shirt is on inside out"
Chris Everist(2nd junior) comenting on my shirt at dinner

"I really hope that ...................... doesn't walk in"
Brendan Arnold(i can't actually write what he said)

"Do you need more water?"
guy watching me piss in a cup

"No i just need it quiet"

"Jane you missed a spot"
While Jane was cleaning her bike with a kleenex

full post shortly

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow a full week since an update, oops. So a week In review is in order. Well I can’t really remember too much about Monday and Tuesday, I know I rode my bike. Which is pretty standard most days. Actually I don’t really remember Wednesday too well either. Thursday night I attempted to get a group of riders together for a training ride to work on paceline stuff and some sprints. I discovered its tough to do a paceline with only two riders. But we had a good ride and I got some more miles in. Friday was a longish 3.5 hours ride on some newly paved roads in oro. After a solid ride Friday I headed out for a 5 hour ride yesterday up to vasey line near coldwater and back along some quiet roads with some nice climbs.

Today I loaded up the Mazda and headed down to london for another round of the ocup series. I made good time and arrived at about 11:00 in time to watch the 11:30 races go off and hear what people had to say about the course. The most common word used was fast. I also used this time to secure a feeder. You know who you are. I got dressed up and spun around looking at what I could see from the side lines of the course. Cause if your caught on the course before the race Chico will make you ride with a full camelback on.

Off all the races to get a good position into the singletrack I have to miss my pedal on the line and almost get caught up in a massive crash. Once you hit the singletrack basically there is nowhere to pass until the lap/finish area, I went in in around 20th I was able to pass a couple guys but all I could do was bide my time until the course opened up a bit. Heading out onto the second lap I passed about 8 or 9 guys and headed out to catch Souter, Kinsie and Alp who I could see not far ahead. By the end of the second lap I was in fifth which is where I stayed until the line. With the short laps I was dreading the lapping but it was amazingly not bad at all. I think cause the course was so fast the speed differences weren’t as much. After a quick pit stop at Dairy Queen I headed back home and I’m currently watching the tour. Shhhhhhh don’t tell me who wins I don’t know yet.

Oh I haven’t done a film review on this blog, mainly cause the piss poor films that are coming out of hollywood don’t warrant any. But I recently saw a movie worth a mention. The only movie that I truly enjoyed since no country for old men. Hancock, now I know what your thinking but the trailers are only the first half of the movie. About halfway through there is a nice twist and movie takes on a whole new deeper meaning. I give it the Watson "Bump" beat you to it Colbert.

"Call me crazy one more time"