Monday, June 30, 2008

The Big one
The past weekend has been fairly productive training wise, Friday I headed out for a flat 100 km ride through angus then north towards wasaga before cutting back east through Phelpston south along Wilson back into town. It was a solid few hours solo just trying to get some form back.

Saturday was spent "cross training" in a pool, after a big Doane family reunion it was into a 30 foot wide pool with one double bed size air mattress, for a 3 hour battle royal to see who could claim the high ground. In the end it ended up being the young cousins who never seemed to get tired.

Sunday I awoke at 6:30 (a.m.) to get ready for the annual BCC (well second annual) ride around the lake. We headed north to Orillia first with a good-sized group of about 20. When we got to memorial drive a few riders turned back to Barrie for a shorter loop, 12 riders continued on through Orillia and around the lake, when we hit hwy 12 there was a small (well I didn’t actually see it) crash. But everyone was ok and we continued on into some dark menacing looking clouds. Riding into Beaverton we encountered a few drops of rain but nothing that made the roads wet. After a short rest stop we were on our way again heading south into Pefferlaw, where I made the first wrong turn of the day. But I stopped and asked a lady where to go, after criticizing us for not riding for charity she pointed us in the right direction over a small footbridge and back on course.
After Pefferlaw is when all the hills starting coming which after 100 km started to wear on riders and we had to back off the pace a fair bit. After a pit stop just west of Queensville we were heading around canal road, where I made my second wrong turn, when the real rain started to come down. Heading up the sixth of Bradford I could tell people were ancy to get home and the group started to splinter, the whole way up Huronia road we were riding in small groups. Once we crossed 89 and people knew where they were I think they just wanted to get home and put their heads down and rode in. It would have been nice to ride in together after 200km but I can understand folks wanted to (needed to) get home. The next time the club does an open club ride it should be the other way around so all the hills are encountered earlier on.
I hope to get around the lake either solo or in a small group in the next little while at a good clip on a slightly longer loop.

"Its like steering the back end of a fire truck"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

All singled out

The past two nights have had the similar them of racing with only one gear. Last night was the Wednesday night world single speed championships of the world. Before the race I went over all the bolts and pedals to make sure everything was good and tight. I didn’t want anything to go wrong like it did last year. The race started out well with 12 people contesting it this year up from about 5 or 6 from last year. I led into the single track and built a decent gap until about 11 minutes in my fracking (cheap, nashbar) crank let me down and ejected my pedal. I was once again left riding in with one leg. I finished last which in my pre race interview I said its first or last for me. I must congratulate Brendan Matheson for winning the 3rd annual worlds.

Today after a couple hours on my fixie, I thought it would be fitting to ride it in the BCC time trial. I put my biggest gear on I had a 44/16. It was a pretty good turnout with 12 riders out. I started out last and I quickly realized I should have asked to start in the middle somewhere cause I never saw another person until I finished up in 25:20(ish). It was a pure test of leg speed on the flat course, I was going as fast as I could but I was only riding at high endurance HR. I’m thinking I need to get a 14 for the back and or a bigger ring in the front….which would mean a new crankset or some jurry rigging. Ill figure it out.

"There drinking our Milkshake"
Jon Stewert

Sunday, June 22, 2008

K-W clssic 2008

After a couple weeks off i thought it was time to get back to racing. So i thought hey why not head down to the k-w classic road race in Kitchener. On saturday i arranged to get a ride down with Kyle Fry.

Kyle Picked me up at about 9:45 and we headed to starbucks, for our respective favourite gourmet drinks. And were pulled into a conversation with the (20 year)barista about her ex-boyfriend who used to race road bikes but his wife has confiscated his bike.

We stopped at hwy 9 and 400 to pick up Evan Mundy and while waiting for him we meet another young lady in need of a cell phone to call her (presumed boyfriend) who was 2 hours late picking her up. I told Kyle this was his chance but he insisted on getting to the race on time.

We arrived with planty of time, and we were able to watch the end of some earlier races. I ran into the Manitoba team(short Kylie of course) who were driving through on their way to Bromont and Beauce for nationals.

After everyone got kitted up the race started out at a good clip under sunny skies. The first few laps were full of small attacks. K, let me just clear one thing up...I wasn't exactly racing. I was more of what you would call a spectator today. I was geared up with my Sony DSLR and Kyle's wicked camcorder.

After a few laps the skies started to open up and rain came down. It was never a downpour but it was pretty steady for aover an hour. By the time i walked the course and arrived at the feed zone with about 10 laps to go to see if Kyle needed a botttle or two the rain had stopped. Andrew Randall trying to impress the BCC into offering him a contract for next year launched a solo attempt with about 8 laps to go and was able to hold off any chasers.

Kyle raced to an impressive 11th only halfway through his first senior 1/2 season.
"What are you doing here"
"what are you doing here"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today was the 3rd o-cup of the year at beautiful glen Eden ski hill. Before leaving for the race I checked the forecast and it was calling for thunderstorms, and 20 mm of rain so I prepared a set of wheels with my new tioga skinny’s on for the peanut butter that is kelso in the rain. The day was hot and humid, well over 30 and over 35 with the humidex. Putting my faith in the forecasters I threw on my mudder’s and I was quickly ridiculed to no end on the start line. But I rested comfortably in the knowledge the skies would open up and the course would get nice and slick.

I didn’t pre-ride and I was still a little unsure of my legs, lungs, brain etc. I started out conservatively and ended up just inside the top ten on Zach Winn’s wheel after he attacked up the climb. The first few tech sections were tricky going into them blind and backwards to the usual. On the last climb of the lap a gap opened up to the lead group and neither Zach or myself could respond. Zach then attempted a right hand turn and in true nascar style ran into the bushes and I moved ahead of him. That just about sums up the positioning for the race. I continued to ride finding my lines on the second lap and coming through about 20 seconds behind the chase group. On my third lap I put my head down and tried to close the gap. I was a few seconds faster but the gap stayed the same. I then settled down on the fourth lap, and just focused on riding a clean race.

Near the end of the lap I got up to a lapped rider and said rider up, but he was going at a good clip so I wasn’t in to much of a rush to get by him. Then out of nowhere he grabs two handfuls of brake and starts to turn left, then right. I had no time to react and rode straight into him. He rode ahead then pulled off and apologized after I made a slight sarcastic remark. Which I apologize for too. Not that he’s reading tthis but if he his. But at least I didn’t drop the f-bomb. The fifth lap I hit the kill switch and rode it in. I didn’t feel as bad as last weekend but I still have some recovery to do. Oh and it didn’t rain a drop…last time I get my weather from that site.
So I think its back to training hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday.

"I think I’m going to need some duct tape after that"
Zach Winn

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Around the Lake Warmup

Today my mother wanted to go over and visit my brother in Beaverton, so I thought hey two birds one stone. So I headed out for the 100 km ride over to the other side of the lake. Beaverton is pretty much exactly halfway around lake Simcoe, when you ride around so I thought it would be a good warm-up for the full thing. It was a tough ride with a headwind basically the whole way.

The weather was strange my thermometer was saying 18 but it felt like 25 with the humidity and I was very comfortable in just shorts and a jersey. And I’m still not feeling 100% actually I’m not really feeling 80% either. The last couple Km was tough but I beat my mother over there by three minutes, granted I had a two and a half hour head start. The crappiest part about the ride is hwy 12, which is unavoidable unless you want to ride an extra 75km. But being a Wednesday afternoon the traffic wasn’t too bad and I was able to draft of a tractor for the last 1km into Brechin at 30km/hr, while all the traffic just went around. I’m thinking I should put on of those slow moving signs on my back and ride down the middle of the road and see if the cars are that nice to just me.

We arrived and were greeted by the two new kittens, cookie and whatshisname (it’s a native name.) After dinner we headed down to the Beaverton waterfront for a little stroll. Which began an argument over which direction Barrie was. Now I’m home…….not much else to tell.
Here is the route I took which cuts off most of hwy 12, if you ever want to head that way.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hometown Canada cup throwdown……kind of

Waking up Friday morning before heading to the airport I had the sneaking suspicion that all was not all right. I had a little sniffle and I was a little congested. So I pounded a bunch of questionable herbal remedies and headed over to the rental agency to rent a mini van to go pick up the Manitoba team from the airport. When asked if I was 25, I was able to reply with "today I am". Thinking maybe I would get a happy birthday from the cute rental girl. But I got no love and was sent away with a new chevy uplander. Which was like driving a bus I think it had a 25 inch steering wheel. The pickup went well and soon I was on my way back home with Leah, and team manager, and my coach, Kylie Case. After switching off for the old trusty Windstar we headed to Hardwood for a little pre-ride. It was Leah’s first time racing hardwood so coach Kylie thought it best to get a couple laps in on Friday. I took up my rigid single speed to ride which was a lot of fun, and wasn’t to bad on the fast hardwood course. After unleashing a little fury about cinder blocks cemented into bone shaker for no apparent reason, we headed back home for my Birthday celebration. I was treated to some nice t-bone steaks and potatoes. Followed by a wicked birthday cake and little bit of wine. That night I was pumped to watch Battlestar but I took a few too many medications and I was passed out by 9:00. Kylie tried to wake me up at 10:00 but no dice.

When I woke up Saturday I knew I was just going to have to get through the weekend and get it behind me. We headed over to Hardwood to register and do another couple laps. I was only able to do a lap and a half before calling it quits and heading back to the van. We headed back to Barrie to get our feet up and relax before the race. My mom cooked up some pasta and was followed by a wicked homemade Oreo cookie cake made by me sweetie Kylie. After dinner I tried to talk everyone into watching Battlestar but only Kylie stayed and secretly loved the show.

Sunday I was feeling a little better but as soon as I got on the bike I could tell my body was in recovery mode and wasn’t going to give me much to work with. Luckily we were racing at hardwood which is a course you can roll through pretty good if you know where to work it and where to rest. I ended up in 11th after riding a conservative race. The biggest highlight of the day is Leah finishing a strong second and locking up the lone solo junior womens spot for Worlds later this month. I take 25% credit for her result and subsequent selection. After the race we headed back to Barrie to pack up and get ready to take the girls and Raph Gagne to the airport. We stopped by Jeremy’s place for a bit first since he was having a post race BBQ, before heading to the airport. It was a sad good bye, I only got to see kylie for a couple days and it never seems like enough. But I felt great that Leah made the Worlds team.

Monday was the typical cleaning and getting ready for the rest of the week. Followed by the weekly Monday night singlespeed ride out in midhurst which was marred by a flat tire on my bike, which led to all of us getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Tuesday night I headed out to the Tuesday night ride which I turned off of a bit early cause I needed to get some solid distance in and it looked like they were headed back to town a little early. Im still feeling a little under the weather, so I took today (Wednesday) completely off which is the first day off I can remember.

Next up……im not sure yet. There are a couple options, a norba, manitoba tt provincials, the last two c-cups. Road nats, train for the world cups. I need to sit down and figure that out.

"Left, !!!! Right !!!!!! Straight!!!!!!"