Monday, December 1, 2008

The way i see it

Now I don’t pretend to be an expert on the parliamentary system in Canada. So if I am wrong on anything please let me know. I’ve got some real beefs with what’s going on in Ottawa right now. First off I want to make clear I did not vote for the Conservatives. And I don’t necessarily want to defend Harper. But the Canadian people voted Harper and his government into office. Period. If that was a good thing or not is besides the point. He was voted in using our electoral system. Does the system need some work? Yes. I am a supporter of a proportional government. (you can probably figure out who I voted for) But the fact is, that’s the not the way it is.

Maybe what the liberals and NDP are doing is the best thing for Canada, I’m not saying its not. (actually it probably would be good) what bugs me is the people (Canadians) voted one way. And a few people in Ottawa are getting together and telling the Canadian people what they really want. Like we are a bunch of children who don’t know what we want.

And as I understand it comes down to a single person, ONE person will decide what happens, The governor-general. There will be a vote on December 8th a "non confidence" vote. If the house does vote that way. Harper can ask for a election, or the Governor General can choose to accept the coalition government and place Stephan Dion into the Prime Ministers seat. Basically it comes down to a SINGLE person deciding who’s in charge of our democracy.

Did anyone see Star Wars episode 1? Didn’t work out to well for them when Palpatine was placed in power with a non-confidence vote. Didn’t Caesar come into power in a similar situation?
Again, if I’m missing anything, please let me know. I could be.
This is how I see it turning out.

The conservatives are ousted and Dion becomes PM. A couple months go by until the "Coalition" falls apart, and we are back to square one with a non-working government. An election is called, a conservative minority is voted back in and boom a year is wasted for the sake of politically grandstanding.

The Canadian People voted for a Conservative Government and with that, Harper as Prime Minister. Period.

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