Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last day of fall

Today was the last day of "fall" so i guess we'll start getting some winter weather now. I've been home for a couple days now from winnipeg. The trip started with a Westjet owner grilling me about why i was going to winnipeg. Kylie and I had a good time, mainly inside cause every time we went outside in the -45 wind chill it was like getting punched in the face. We saw a couple movies that aren't worth the electricity it takes to type these words. Got a little shopping done too at the fine winnipeg malls. One night we hit up a starbucks, and had two of the worst drinks ever. A eggnog latte and and ginger latte both were horrible. Maybe cause the Baristas were 14 years old and have no idea what a goo coffee tastes like.

We got a nice snowfall last night so the ski trails should be in good shape for the next week or so.

I was reminded today why i usually have my christmas shopping done in november. I had a few last minute things to pick up, which obviosuly had me heading to walmart. It was insane, people with three things in a cart getting upset they can't move anywhere. I saw a lady just going nuts on people, i was able to just slide past the maze of carts with ease. Then i went to chapters, a much freindlier atmosphere but the line almost circled the store, which i didn't wait in, ill hit it up early monday morning.

The family is coming over tommorow (yes the 21st) for christmas dinner. Should be good.


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Change your poll slacker xo