Saturday, December 6, 2008

Australia....well green screen with some outback drawn in

As the cycling season, at least the racing part, comes to an end. I’ll be adding a few of my signature film reviews on here.

December is looking like it will be a busy month with most of the Oscar worthy films coming out within a few days of each other. At the end of the month, Revolutionary Road, Valkyrie, The Wrestler, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, And Doubt all come out. These will most likely take home 95% of the Oscar take come February 22nd.

Tonight I went to see an early contender release, Australia. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not one to pander to a high budget movie, with big actors just for those reasons. So if my review sounds a little harsh its cause I do hold these films up to a slightly higher standard.
Looking back last years best Pic, No country for old men. I see the perfect example of a lower budget film doing great things. You don’t need to have a huge budget to make an oscar winner. But if you have that big budget you should use it wisely.
So as you can already guess I was disappointed in Australia. It could have been great. It should have been great. But it wasn’t.

The effects were something out of a low budget action flick. I was expecting to see some real Australian outback scenes. I was very disappointed in the large amount of CGI and Green screen used. There were a couple great scenes with cliffs, stampeding bulls, but it was so fake I almost laughed. I think way to much money when into kidmans bank account than into some well layed out real action sequences.

The First 30minutes(of 164) were horrible, cheesy, I almost walked out it was that painful to watch. Luckily the story did get better and I was able to stick with it. And I will say the story was great.

Kidman was way over the top, I know they wanted to stick with an Australian cast, but if that was the case I believe Naomi Watts could have done a way better job. The lead male role was filled by none other than Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. In what I believe was his first real dramatic role.

Overall, it really fell short of what it could have been. Probably the worst "good" movie I’ve seen in years. They were really trying for a dances with wolves type epic. It wasn’t even close.

I think this leaves the Best Picture category still pretty much wide open, It may still get a nod and may still squeak in for the win. But not a shoe in like some other people are saying.

"3 hours of my life I will never get back"
What I said to myself

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