Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3rd annual cold weather endurance training

Well for the past few years ive been heading to the Arctic. And again i find myself packing for winter. The weather forcast for toronto for the next week is decent bouncing around 0. Winnipeg -25, i always come home with a heathly respect of our moderate climate here in the GTA.

Have you ever seen cool runnings when the jamaicans land in Calgary and put on every piece of clothing they have. Yup thats what ill look like tonight.

Winnipegers are a tough people. Its not all fun and games however as i will be sitting down with my Coach going over my training plan for the year ahead.

If anything exciting happens out there ill update, like if i see a polar bear walking down Portage avenue.

"In Burma, did you ever catch the Bandit in the forest?"

"Oh, Yes"


"We burnt the forrest down"

My favourite line from a film this year.

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