Friday, November 28, 2008

what grinds my gears

You know what grinds my gears....

1) Canadian politics, no wonder we are basically a joke to the rest of the world So we just had a federal election which the conservatives won. Now former PM Jean Chretien and a former NDP leader are getting together to form a "coalition". So they can control the house and all the decisions. what??? why do we even have elections, the people(not me) voted in the conservatives. Canadians(or the 40% of which actually voted) want a conservative government. But the liberals and the NDP want to take control. Isn't that like a hostile takeover or a coup d'etat.

1.1)I have a few beefs with Harper, but i don't know if any goverment could pull us out of whatever we're facing. Flaherty probably has one of the toughest jobs in the world. Make the Canadian people believe Canadian government can actually do anything. When in realty the Americans (bush) led the world into this mess, and even 700 billion isn't going to be enough to get it out. Whats a couple billion going to do for canada? Nothing, the Americans have to lead the way out. You can't have a strong Canada with a Weak america it just won't work. Its all just politcal grandstanding.

2) know who you are....

3) The new young driver laws. I personally think that zero alcohol tolerance should be enforced for every driver. I don't know the difference between a 19 year old drinking and driving and a 21 year old drinking and driving. Like all of a sudden boom, you can drink and drive when you turn a certain age. Actually i think if the government really wanted to crack down, zero tolerance across the board, if you get caught drinking and driving boom, license suspension for a year. 2nd offense boom 5 years. 3rd....get a lifetime bus pass. And don't give me any bull about "but a person has to get to work, thats a little harsh" Its a little harsh when your driving home from work late at night to your family and you get smoked by a drunk driver. When I got my license i was told, driving is a privelege not a right. Somewhere along the road that gets lost with lawyers and judges.

3.1) The new law prohibiting first year g2 drivers to 1 teenage passenger. I think this would cause more problems than it would solve. Just read all the facebook comments and i agree with about 90 % of them. When i asked a certain police officer i know about it, he just rolled his eyes and said how the hell am i supposed to enforce that. So i think at the end of the day, theres probably only about 2 cops (o.p.p. probably) in the province who would really give a ticket to a young driver driving a few of his freinds to many cops give tickets to kids for riding bikes with no helmets??

4) Snowplow drivers, let me just say i know this is a tough dangerous thankless job. But we must have a new plow driver this year cause he(or she) miss our driveway by another foot everytime he (she) makes a pass. Basically making our driveway longer, im out there snowblowing half the road. Our two car driveway is now a three car driveway. Basically all the streets in the neighboor hood are about 10 feet narrower than they should be. And its not even December. which brings me to my next point

5) Al Gore.

......i think thats pretty much it for this rant. I'm currently sitting right on the fence about racing this Sunday, im thinking of going to spectate and try for the fan of the year award, which is currently jointly held by Erik Box and Cliff from the HUB/devinci team.

"Every teenager is a horrible horrible driver and they should all be punished for being teenagers" im paraphrasing

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