Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So i had a long ride scheduled for today, as i was finishing up cold, tired, hungry, grumpy...... i came through barrie's waterfront construction. What a clusterf#$k seriously this city is retarded sometimes. Luckily i was stopped behind a city bus so the exhaust keep me warm as i waited.

Then i get home and I'm told someone is coming through to look at the house (which is for sale if your interested) and i have bug out with the dog. I was still pretty hungary so i stopped at timmy's for basically the only thing i will consume from them, their Chili. I park the car and opened up the chili and its all runny, its the second time i've had tim's chili and its been like that. If this becomes a trend ill be pissed, It used to be rich and chunky, no its more like soup. Not happy.

But then me and the Starbuck had a good walk, and she was happy so that made me happy.

"How can we make the biggest traffic mess ever downtown?"

"I'm not sure but i'm sure we can do it"
City planner meeting

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Kyle Fry said...

Starbucks always has great food to go with great coffee...