Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thats it folks

Its looking like im calling it a season. Thanks to all of those that voted, other than the 12-8 in favour of racing. All other signs point to pack it in, and my coach telling me to call it. So as president and CEO and CFO of AWI racing im veto'ing the vote.

It's been a good season, Starting with Paris to Ancaster, and finishing With CX provincials. I hope to have a season wrap up soon.

I went for a good ski today at Horseshoe, after waiting for an 1 hour in line to buy my seasons pass. The skiing at Horseshoe was great, the terrain really lends itself to the long steady skis i do in the winter.

"So when does spring training camp start?"

"Monday, december 1st"

.........i wish i was a baseball player