Friday, November 7, 2008

a quick update

I was third at the Barrie Cross race on sunday. It was hard.

Monday i was still feeling not well but i tried to go out for a tempo ride. it didn't go well and i turned back early.

On Tuesday i went to the Tuesday night ride for the nicest night of the year almost. I was the only one to show up so i called it a night and went home to watch the election coverage. At 11:00 p.m. i was informed by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert that everything was going to be ok.

Wednesday i woke up to a beautiful morning and went for a ride. Then went out for dinner to Boston Pizza.

Thursday i went out for a prescribed 3 hour ride. And was amazed by the amount of cops i saw on shanty bay road.

today i finished my prep work for the TO cross races this weekend. They will be tough starting from the back, but i have a written plan, i basically broke the race into 4 quarters but i can't give anymore detail than that. Unless you pay for my coaching services, then i let you know the strategy.

stay tuned...... I may be able to officialy announce some team plans for next year. (its a huge surprise)


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Darren said...

well, breaking it into 4 quarters is better than trying to break it into 3 quarters.. cause the the math is just a bitch! Good luck--kick some ass for me!