Sunday, November 9, 2008

Productive Forward Motion

Today I headed down the 400 for the second UCI C1 race at Centennial. After some less than ideal races at Hardwood and yesterday on the F1 course (im pretty anti F1 im a way bigger nascar fan, dry, fast and lots of turning left) Todays course featured lots o climbing up the ski hill side. I’ve raced this side of the hill a few times but never with this much climbing. Midweek really outdid themselves with making two very distinct courses.

I did a few warmup laps, skipping the hill on a few of them to stay on the flats. I was having good sensations warming up. I stopped in the pit a few times to chat with various people including Kyle Fry who said he was having problems with his Chrysler. I told him to stick with japanese, like a Mazda 3, Way more reliable. Anyway I rolled to start line hearing some grumbling of some out of province riders about the ski hill. I also felt my ears burning a little. I lined up third row again and had a decent start, a little better than yesterday. The start was a little more sensible too with a slight .5% grade and headwind the speeds were a little more in check.

I came into the barriers in the late teens, and settled into a group with Steve Tilford, The younger brother I never had Mark Batty, St john and few others. The race started to splinter into little groups and I wanted to keep moving forward so I made some passes. I supposedly crashed on my head, but I don’t remember ever falling not sure what’s up with that. I rode up to Molly Cameron and Osmond Bakker, not wanting to settle in too much I went by and continued riding smoothly and picking off fading guys every lap. I rode the downhills conservatively and used the flats to recover while using the climbs to gain time. I rode up to Mike Garrigan, and using my highly tuned Jedi mind techniques I made his chain snap just as I got on his wheel.

I found myself in the top ten with a few laps to go. I was holding my own and not losing anytime to the US riders in front of me but just couldn’t ride up to them. I rode into 6th place and with two laps to go I was trying to reel in Matt Shriver, but just couldn’t close it down and rolled through just off the all american podium.

Even so, looking at the results I am quite please with my lap times, and wonder what could have been if I had a better start position, maybe next year ill travel to a few more UCI races.

I want to send out a get well soon to Erik Box, who crashed hard yesterday. I look forward to dueling right to the end of the season with him for the Ontario Overall title.

I have to thank my AWI fan club Shane and Robb. My tireless pit crew Kevin Haviland, and Matt Paziuk(an elite rider himself). Norco performance bicycles for building an awesome cross bike. And Don Gain who lent me some sick Carbon wheels to use for the weekend. And to my driver Maria Watson, who always gets me to races on time(even if she drives over every curb she sees)

I can also announce officialy that i will be riding for Norco Bicycles in 2009. not really a surprise but my people and their people just finalized a deal.

"so do you guys like punishing yourselves in ontario?"

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Congrats on a great race, it was super fun watching you reel in all those guys. Also huge congrats on being able to annouce your new team, I know I'm excited to see you on Norco for next season!