Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking a bit like winter

So im sitting here looking out my window as the snow falls. Still waiting for Global Warming to kick in. The past few days have been good, i've gotten out on the cross bike and singlespeed. I've also discovered somebody has been building some singletrack in the bluffs. With the cities permission im sure. Its not bad, a few tight uphill corners which i don't think will ever be rideable, but it needs to be ridden in a bit too.

Today i went down to the Trek Store for some cables, i ended up just loitering for a few hours. Though i did manage to plug the BCC as a young lady was asking about it. She seemed really enthusiastic so i hope i see her next year riding with the club.

I'm hoping the weather holds off for a couple more weeks, i'd like to be able to ride right till CX finals at the end of the month. I think i have a realy good shot at my third overall title. Last year i made the mistake of snowshoeing for the couple days before provincials and for some reason i felt like crap.

My bag is packed and my bikes are ready to get demolished again tommorow at the Port Hope cross race. Its held at the US Collegiate champ, Zach Winn, property right on lake ontario.

I should have some photos and report up tommorow evening.

"Buy my Epic"

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