Monday, November 17, 2008

hat trick

I went to bed wondering if we would be able to get out of the driveway let alone get down the 400 to the magical snow wall that is hwy 89. With a malfunctioning snow blower it was up to my huge amount of brute force to clear just enough room to get the van out of the driveway. We made it the 400 and made a deal that if it wasn’t any better by the time we got to 89, we would turn back. I really wanted to make the race but I didn’t want to end up in the ditch with the other cars we saw. Sure enough we passed into sunlight by the marsh and were quickly on the way to Port Hope.

We arrived just after the 11:30 race started so I grabbed my camera to take some photos of the many racers. I quickly realized there was only about 20 people out on the course. And after a quick survey there didn’t seem to me many people gearing up for the 1 p.m. race. I walked a bit of the course and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, like two years ago. I geared up including some secret weapons in my shoes. I warmed up on my spare bike to keep my main bike as clean as possible, not that it would really matter. The course was pretty much the definition of a pancake, which featured a beach run along lake Ontario. A set of stairs and a couple puddles. We lined up as instructed behind the master 1 group. Not sure exactly why the commisaire had us do that. They started out and we had 30 seconds to get ready for our start. The start was pretty quick, I was able to snatch the wholeshot onto the beach run with Scott Kelly on my wheel. And Guy right behind him, riding file tread tires. I was pretty keen to real in the masters, so I put in some hard efforts which distanced me from the seniors and I started picking off riders. By the end of the second lap I was had caught everyone but Dermont and Ingram, I was riding with Dermont at a good pace while Ted was nowhere to be seen and I started to have flashbacks to him riding away at Crank the Shield. The race was about two things, putting down large amounts of power to ride through the soft sections, and not breaking anything on your bike. With that kind of mud and debris its easy to snap a derailleur or snap a chain. The key is to stick it in a gear and don’t shift until you know you can with little power on the pedals.

I reeled in Ingram, and carried on just riding my own race, it was a my race to loose and I just tried to stay smooth and out of trouble. We got a little bit of everything during the race, hail, snow, rain, it made it an epic fun course. I got heckled pretty good for running a few sections but I managed to get to the finish line in 1st taking my first Cross Hat-trick, and pretty much locking up the overall tittle. Mathematically Morse or Box could still win but one of them would have to win the next two races and I couldn’t score any more than 3 points.

I think the total race turnout was one of the lowest in years at just under 70. Too bad for a great course, and organizer. They had free hot chocolate and coffee. When I asked for a hot beverage Mrs. Winn gave me the kettle and told me to fill it up outside. I got kinda worried thinking she meant fill it up in the Lake, After I asked "what exactly do you mean outside" I was relieved when she pointed to a water jug on the porch.

After washing off in lake ontario, I picked up my hand made toque and loaded up the van for the drive home.

This morning I woke up and started the long driveway cleanup. I started to shovel the end of the driveway but it would have take a couple hours by hand so I got my hands dirty and started surgery on the snowblower. I somehow was able to take it apart put it back together and it worked. Even with the blower it took a while.

Tonight the monday night ride has been converted to a night snowshoe. Well im not going to attempt to ride. I also ordered up a new light system, its basically a mini sun, with a nuclear power source. Too bad I don’t think I’ll be using it this year.

"I wont say how much weight I had on the bar, but lets just say the girls on the treadmill weren’t laughing at my tan lines"
Kyle Fry

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