Saturday, November 8, 2008

Exactly to plan,

So like I said in my previous post I had a plan, break the race into quarters (4 of them) . That’s exactly what I did. I spent ¼ of the time riding sideways, ¼ of the time sliding on my ass, ¼ of the time learning what 1 step forward 2 steps back really means , ¼ of the time riding the wrong way.

The race had some gong show moments even before the race started, about 5 minutes till race start, the commisairses decided they wanted to start measuring our bikes like they were TT bikes. They did about 5 bikes and decided they would have an angry mob of 40 cold cyclists to deal with if we had to stand around anymore. The American riders were really impressed, which someone shouted "blame Obama" too. Just before Tim Johnson was called up he went up to pet my dog, I was hoping starbuck would bit his hand hard enough so he couldn’t brake. She didn't and just licked him instead. Back to the race, I got a decent callup third row. The start was pretty much insane with 40 guys riding 45 kph into a left hand corner, with half the guys on alloy wheels which when wet don’t brake well, and the other half on carbon wheels which basically don’t work at all. There was bound to be trouble and it found Erix Box and a few others as they went down hard right behind me. This was followed by a right hander which saw about 4 riders go down in a heap, Including Kyle Fry pull out an impressive 180. I was able to sneak past on the left and found myself in a good position, I could actually see the red, white and blue of Johnson. We hit the first run up which was quickly followed by a slippery left hander. I did not negotiate this corner with much grace and found myself on my ass, as I remounted I put the power down, and I felt really fast cause my rpm went to 200 with no effort. My excitement turned to disappointment when I realized my chain was off, I tried for a second to get it back on but with my chain watcher it was slightly jammed so I hoofed it to the pit and slid quickly back to the bottom 5 or 6 riders.

I took a quick handoff from Havy, with Kyle Douglas catching my Norco, in what was a pretty smooth bike exchange considering it was my first time with assistance. While Havy fixed my A bike I continued on with my slippery sliding falling adventures. I got back on my Norco and it was all good. I tried my best to be smooth and slowly real people in, but whenever I gained a few seconds back I would slip up and fall or go through the tape or back the power off cause my rear wheel was beside me. After I almost took out two photographers, hit another rider head on, blew through a couple hundred feet of tape I decided to back it off a bit and save my legs for tomorrow.

I settled into a bit of a groove, but then I quickly realized I was going to be lapped so I picked it up again to ensure I finished the entire race. I ended up 24th out of 45(ish) starters.

Today was a huge learning experience, it doesn’t matter how good you feel it doesn’t mean your going to have a good race. My legs felt awesome, I don’t even feel like I raced, but I couldn’t translate that into productive forward motion. Something to work on.

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