Thursday, October 16, 2008

Media Rant,

K K K, so this has kinda been bugging me the past couple days. First before the election there was a little news story on the CBC about posting blog or facebook reports on local election results before polls on the other side of the country haven't closed yet. Because lawmakers don't want results in the maritimes to affect voters on the west coast. k makes sense.

The next report i saw after the election was talking about the low voter turnout. I find this very ironic the media would be surprised. Since for weeks before the election they were reporting the results of polls saying the conservatives would win a minority government by 8 points and say its accurate to 2 points. Well isn't that basically reporting the results of the election to the entire country before it even happend. Does anyone at CBC, Citynews, A news, ever think "hey maybe people will hear this poll result and think hey why should I vote, the conservatives are going to win" Seriously, if the media and lawmakers in canada actually cared about voter manipulation and getting more people out to elections they would stop broadcasting hyperaccurate polls to the public basically telling them how the election is going to go.

"voter turnout was the worst ever" f*&(cking think ?

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