Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kelso day 2

Kelso Day 2
I arrived again in time to watch the start of the 11:30 race. Which again had some great racing. I’m sure the 10:30 start does too I just need too much sleep to get up that early. The course was guaranteed to be dryer even if it rained the course was mainly on high ground which drained well. The course is very well balanced with a little bit of everything, sand, pavement, power sections two run ups, a great all around course.
The start narrowed a bit at first and had two little chicanes so I wanted to get a good position. It worked out that I ended up leading for the first couple hundred meters. Until the first set of double barriers when Nathan passed me. I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to feel and I was also riding brand new tubulars that I hadn’t ridden before and wanted to get used to them. After the first run up, I was shuffled back into the back of a group of 6. Nathan and Box opened up a bit of a gap to Hines, Jette, Morse and myself. At the top of the first run up I made a couple passes and started to close the gap to the leaders. By the time we hit the paved downhill to the beach I was on there wheel. Which I quickly stopped following when nathan went wide up a bank, and Box ended up going wide too and had to hop the tape.(which was vary impressive) I moved into the lead going onto the beach and came out with a bit of a gap. That’s when I punched it to open it up. From there I was able to comfortably ride my own pace, which was interrupted when the organizer egged me on to ride up the first "unrideable" run up. I somehow managed to ride it, probably losing ten seconds. But it was well worth it. I was able to hold my lead and open it up a little each lap, to cross the line first to take the days win and the overall weekend.

I have a couple good quotes.

"That was the biggest waste of energy in a race ever"
Tim, the organizer over the megaphone.

"Is Stafford warming up for the senior race"?
"I really hope not?"
Both anonymous.

"Sorry about the sand…..Box"
or "sorry about the sandbox" not really sure which

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Congrats man, seem like you had a great weekend!

I hear Wes introduced himself to ya as well :)