Monday, October 6, 2008

Escarpment escapades

Ok, so the niagara escarpment isn’t the rockies but it does provide for some nice cycling opportunities. Saturday I loaded up the cx bikes to head up to highlands nordic, near Duntron to defend my hillbilly hustle title. Next to the Barrie cross race this is the next closest so it was nice to be able to just cruise over there. I arrived partway through the 11:30 race to watch the juniors/womens/m2 race. I leant my Kona to Bretton Mathews who wanted to give cross a try. It was neat to see someone else racing the legendary two tone Jake. He finished up a strong 3rd not too shabby for his first cross race. I offered to let him keep it for another day and race Sunday in Toronto, He politely said no thanks, one was enough for the weekend. Warming up on the course was fun, seeing the modifications to last years course making it a little more visible. We lined up and started out hard for a $200 prime, I think was an attempt to see if I would repeat my epic explosion on the second lap. I was pretty much redlined and couldn’t close up the gaps to Mike G over the power sections Erik and I rode through a few seconds back. We regrouped on the second lap, our positions changed a few times as we took different lines through the "boggy" sections. Also through a narrow semi singletrack section I think Erik thought I was going to T-bone him but I rode past his rear wheel with about an inch to spare. As we hit the run up for the second time, Erik was leading and dismounted while Mike attempted to hop the barrier only to land a bit off center and roll his front tire off. Mike switched bikes and Erik and him chased up to a few seconds of me. I was the last person who thought they wouldn’t catch. One lap I was about 10 seconds up then I was suddenly 45 seconds. That’s actually when I pinned it to really open it up fearing they were playing some mind games and one would launch a massive attack and ride up to me. The course also got pretty tacky especially the downhill switchback so I was able to corner with a lot of confidence on the Norco CCX 1. After nine laps I crossed the line to take my second win of the cross season. And most importantly retained the red jacket which is what really counts.

After a good nights sleep in the jacket I woke up to sun and got ready for a long hilly ride from Barrie back up to the same area as the race. I met up with Scott, Kevin and Robb at fred grant at 10 am. We headed out for an awesome 190km ride with about 2000 meters of climbing. First up after a 2.5 hour warmup we hit scenic caves road, I was kinda a jerk and told Kevin the climb was just past the first corner. He believed me and kinda blew up. We creasted the top and rode down the other side to Ravenna, to find it cold dark and ominous. Then looped back on Grey road 19, and to our pleasant surprise the Sun came out and the temperature was easily 5 degrees higher on this side of the escarpement. Next we headed back up pretty river road towards Rob Roy, easily the nicest climb I have done in Ontario long, pitch changes, quiet road. We stopped in Singhampton for some fuel. Then headed back down to warmer temperatures in Creemore. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful until we were 25 minutes from home and almost all went down in a heap. I didn’t know until yesterday that two riders riding side by side could actually touch all four tires together. We made it back after 7 hours of riding, I drove Kevin home, it was the least I could do after misleading him.

After that I got cleaned up and headed out to see Nick and Norahs infinite playlist…..not to shabby, basically if you liked superbad and or Juno you’d like this.

"Half of what I say is bull"

"The other half is skewed"

"Guys where are we, do you think we are in Singhampton?" While standing under a big sign that says Singhampton.

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