Sunday, October 19, 2008

East vs South? Showdown

Today we loaded up for the 3+ hour drive to kingston for what was supposed to be a cross battle of epic proportions with racers from both the Ottawa cross series and the Southern Ontario series. I learned something today, this time of year the sun doesn’t come up till after 7. With my mom doing 130+ all the way(hey gas is practically free now so why not use it) we arrived in no time to watch the first race go off at 10:30. Walking around I didn’t see to many southerners but I was excited about the course. It looked really well laid out with plenty of technical features. Including three run ups, and four dismounts where if have the skills to dismount on your right hand side you could gain considerable time through each lap. (I do not posses these skills as I found out in my warmup) When the first race finished we were supposed to be able to register. And the organizers were very clear in there releases "do not show up 20 mins before your race and expect to start" Well I guess this didn’t apply to them cause they didn’t open registration(to the southerners, the ottawa guys were out warming up on the course) till 22 mins before our start. Luckily for them there weren’t too many racers from the GTA. I was able to get one lap in on the longish 8 min course. I was very impressed.

My first mistake was not being more aggressive lining up and was second row to the side. We started and my legs felt good but the start was chaos. I stayed out of trouble and found myself sitting about 10 guys back I made a couple passes and moved up to the top five, which I quickly lost cause I was stupid and rode the actual course that was flagged. I opened up some cans of you know what, and rode into third place by the end of the first lap. I found myself about 15-20 seconds behind Osmand Bakker and Derrick St John. Which would pretty much hold for the rest of the race. About halfway through I started to make a little bit of ground but a girl crashed on the stairs right in front of me pretty hard and 1, her bike took up the whole staircase and 2, I was pretty scared she really hurt herself. I stopped and lifted her bike off her and made sure she was breathing before I carried on. From that point on it was just holding onto third and hoping maybe the two leaders would start playing some games and slow down…. they didn’t and drilled it right to the finish. Osmond won St John was second and I rolled across for third.
I was pretty happy with the whole day, we stopped for some dinner on the way home. I also almost found myself in the middle of a little dispute over Tim Hortons line protocol. It was tense.
Up next Halloween cross stage race next weekend.

"Please show up with plenty of time to register"

"Excuse me, when will registration open up"
Me, very politely asking with 25 mins before the race started.

"When I get there"

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