Monday, October 13, 2008

Brewery to Brewery

Today i had the very special honour of being invited to the fourth annual brewery to brewery ride. I woke up early with anticipation to a beautiful july morning. 20 degrees, sun no wind. I headed down to the start point the Robert Simpson brewery. I was greeted by some familiar faces i haven't seen for a while, like retired elite cyclist turned firefighter Jamie Matheson. We headed out at 10 ish, which i think was closer to 10:20. Our destination was the Creemore springs brewery in you guessed it Creemore. Jeremy stole my route from last weeks ride to get us over there. Even with a longer than desired ride on hwy 90 we all made it in one piece. I do admit my ego was taken down a few notches when i missed not one but two sign sprints. Like didn't just lose i could have handled that, but missed they were coming up. Oh well, we arrived and had some samples. Well i had one sample as i was worried about my handling skills if i had more. Then headed across the street to a little restaurant for coffee and lunch. By this point we were all starting to get a nice sun burn. After blocking the sidewalk for an hour while we ate outside at our own sidewalk tables. We got back on our bikes for the tailwind ride back home. With my brain on full alert after an awesome grill cheese I took the downhill tailwind sprint from Scott and Jacob. Well Jacob had no chance cause he was riding a cross bike with a 46 tooth big ring. Then we settled into a nice rythem back down through glencairn and above Base Borden.

I was already at this point physching my self up for the big sprint of the day BARRIE. yup, we climbed up sunnidale and i played my cards just right with Jacob leading me out. At one point it was a full 9 person wide sprint. If only there was a photographer. Thankfully i think i was the only one riding a full size crankset with an 11tooth cog so i was able to take it.

Its rides like those that remind me why i enjoy cycling.

"Its June, right?"

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