Saturday, September 27, 2008

re tooling

So the past week I've spent getting back into a training rhythm. Monday and Tuesday were shorter rides culminating in the last tuesday night road ride. I was aiming for the win but Orrin beat me out, it was a feroucious sprint at about 12.5 kph. The last three days ive started to pile on some hours with some nice "LSD" rides. Each one a little longer than the previous.

I've also been piecing together a new cross bike, built on a Norco CCX 1, I've finally "upgraded" to 10 speed. Still a single ring so it is truly a ten speed bike. All built up its 17.8 lbs, not bad considering its not exactly a light frameset. I took it out for a spin tonight, and its a nice ride. Stiff like a bike should be, and some nice ergonomic features like a flat top tube for nice shouldering. A big open triangle also for ease of flipping it onto the shoulder. Im looking forward to racing it tommorow at the my first CX race of the year in Guelph. I was planning on doing the squeezer....but im not getting into that.

The weather looks like it will turn a little nasty this week so it will be a good test of my motivation. ill keep you posted on future developments.

"Defending Hillbilly champ Andrew Watson put on a show last year winning the first lap preme and then blowing up, dropping deep into the field and then charging the last 20 minutes back to win"

.....thats putting it nicely

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