Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mountain View?

Just got home from pre-riding mountain view, yes you heard right pre-ride. Since i had never ridden there before i figured it wise to do a couple laps. Scott and I drove and turned a few laps with some Arrow riders, it was good to ride with people that have ridden a few laps.

The course is great, im a little skeptical of all the tight uphill singletrack(greg reain woud be cursing it to no end), its challenging which is good but passing lapped riders should be interesting. But the lap is pretty fast and long enought to cut down on the lapping.

I'm off to a wedding this afternoon......though my mom is on the phone right now having a frantic conversation about it, so maybe its off.

Should be an interesting competition tommorow.

p.s. my epic is for sale and will be available for pickup in less than 48 hours.

"I give you 50 dollars and i can't get three zip ties"

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