Thursday, September 18, 2008

less than 24 hours

Its the morning before the morning Matt Paziuk and I set out to win CTS. I'm just trying to get organized and ready to go. Im heading up to Buckwallow this afternoon, to get registered and pick up the bike im riding for the weekend. Hopefully ill be able to get a lap or two of the Buckwallow section of the course in. We can't register till 4 so it will be a late afternoon return home for the final packing, and then its to bed early for a early drive back up for the start at 10 am.

I can't really remember being this excited to start a race. The weather looks like it will be awesome for racing. Just under 20 and sunny.

Also i have a funny story, which really makes it easy to believe why the US is having huge financial problems and Canada isn't far behind. I walked into my bank just to get a form, and the nice teller says that i automatically qualify for a 20,000 dollar credit card, a 20,000 dollar line of credit, 3,500 dollar overdraft, and a Loan which she didn't say for how much. I almost started cracking up laughing. Without getting into my finances to much ill just say i shouldn't be able to get over 40,000 dollars in credit. When i said i wasn't interested she looked at me like i had two heads, or like "are you stupid? take it, its free money" kind of a look. I bet i could get a sub-prime mortgage on a half million dollar house if i said please. So if you think its bad in the states just wait.

"Luckily i'm diversified, i have 25% in Lehman brothers, 25% in Merill Lynch, 25% in AIG, and 25% in Little Shavers, its shaving supplies for toddlers"

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