Sunday, September 28, 2008

I woke up to heavy fog this morning and got everything together loaded up the van for the drive down to Guelph. Starbuck, my mom and I arrived just in time to watch the 11:30 race start. The new venue in Guelph looked small at first but the course was very well laid out to make good use of the terrain. The course featured a lot of technical turns some flat some off camber.

I was a little nervous lining up for my first CX race of the year with all the heavy (southern) Ontario hitters. I started out smart and just sat back a few wheels, and waited for the race to shake up a bit. Everybody was finding there lines through the many turns so there were a couple buzzing tires and quick passes. My first move of the race came on the first lap when we hit the first single barrier at the bottom of a long climb. Most riders opted to shoulder the bike and run all the way. I chose jump back on after the barrier and ride it. There was lots of traction, so the trick was making sure I was in a good gear and hitting my pedal on the first attempt as soon as I jumped on. It took a couple pedal strokes but once I got moving I was able gain a lot of ground and rode from 5th to 1st in no time. But its just as easy to loose time in cross as I learned in the next corner as I tried to pedal through it my foot hit the off camber ground and I found myself sliding sideways. KD and Box got by me thankfully without running me over and I was back in the mix. I was filtered back to 5th or 6th heading out onto the 2nd lap. Where I spent a few sections recovering waiting for the next move to come. Nathan clipped out coming out of a corner, which caused a bit of a break. As we hit the hill I was able to remount again and ride into the lead, this time holding onto it through the corners and down onto the flats. There was still 8 laps to go so I wasn’t sure if I could hold onto the lead. Mark Batty took up the chase but the rest of the field splintered which I think worked in my favour as a group wasn’t formed to drive it back up. I was able to put a couple seconds into Mark every lap and formed a nice cushion with about 4 laps to go. I settled into a nice pace and just tried to ride smart and not bail on one of the off camber corners or higher speed baseball diamond corners. I crossed the line in first, which I was well satisfied with. SRCC awards are always a hit with racers since they distribute Wellington to the top three.

Up next in 6 days is the Hillbilly Hustle, then a couple weeks off racing before the ottawa vs southern ontario showdown in Kingston

Quotes of the day
"Watson, I didn’t know you had a younger sister"
Scott Kelly

"Newman's first law: It is useless to put on your brakes when you're upside down."

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Congratulations Andrew!

It's not the squeezer money, but it's a win and without drama attached!

Great way to start your CX season!