Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Black Sunday

Thats what i am calling this past sunday, when i completly exploded on a century ride I organized. I haven't had a ride like that in a couple years, actually the last time i blew like that i think was a few years ago riding home after visiting a certain bike shop in Keswick. But lucky for me there were some guys on the ride that helped me home. I guess me waiting all those times while other people blew up paid off in Karma points. Other than that it was a good ride. Only 5 people came out for the whole thing which is way down than previous years on the same ride. But good times were had by all that came out.

It was a rough day but i got home and ate as much as i could and hit the sack early. The plan for labour day monday was to head over to my brothers for dinner. Usually i would ride all the way over to Beaverton but i thought better and opted for a pickup near Orillia. Intini came with which was good because i didn't recover a hair from the day before. After 30 minutes i was back to the little ring with Kevin towing me out to the 14th.

I was wondering what the hell was going on so i called my coach who gave me a good pep talk and some advice, which i guess worked cause last night i felt a lot better not 100% but better. I was able to put in some good pulls a break the group apart.......well actually it was already broken but i was able to ride away from the pieces.

Today also went well i headed out to try out some new pave in Oro, it seems every week they are paving another road out there. I did the whole ride i planned on doing and made it home with energy to spare.

The rest of the day im going to be putting some gears back on my cross bike. Even though cross is a big question mark right now. But i figure i should have a bike ready to go if i race.

Tommorow is the club TT championship. Im heading out to it, but not sure how hard i will push it. Im pretty excited though there are rumours floating around of a certain young Espoir coming out to demolish the course. We'll see what happens.


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