Saturday, August 9, 2008

weekend update

Its been a little while since an update. Last Sunday I raced or attempted to race the Bromont world cup. After St Anne I tried to rest up and focus on getting healthy I cut my training back and felt that on Sunday in Bromont. I felt healthy but I had no 5th gear so to speak I rode a good solid pace which I could have held all day but couldn’t have gone any faster.
After that race I drove home thankfully I was able to pick up a hitchhiker so it wasn’t so bad a drive.

This past week I’ve been focusing on shorter more intense rides trying to get back some speed. This included the Thursday night TT out in Phelpston. The insane thing was that it was storming everywhere around us but not on us.

Tomorrow is the Buckwallow Ontario cup. Its been raining for the past couple days and on Wednesday the ground was pretty much saturated. The owner was saying how bad all the rain has been this summer on the trails. They’ve been doing a ton of trail maintenance trying to keep up but you can tell the trails have taken a beating this summer. The forecast is calling for sun tomorrow so the course will probably pretty clear of mud after all the early races. The rock faces will probably be a little slick so we’ll see how that goes.

Oh and finally I’m starting to feel a movie comeback. After the Dark Knight left me feeling all fuzzy inside (cause there was finally a good movie made, not that the movie itself left me feeling that way) I went and saw a film I was waiting longer for than any other, The X-files. This movie was far to long in the making. With the series leaving with to many unanswered questions for the fans, this was a film for those people. You could enjoy it without having ever seen the x-files but I think to truly understand the movie as intended you have to be a follower of the series. The movie is mostly about the relationship between Scully and Mulder, which I can tell you from watching the entire series on the rollers this winter, was needed. There love for each other…..k just go see it if you’re a fan. If not you’ll probably hate it. But it was excellent and exactly what was needed to please people like me.

"I can’t ride radical my bike won’t fit between the trees"

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