Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 th gear

So im sitting here after eating a feast watching super troopers and thought I’d write up a little post buckwallow report. Well as promised and widely reported on facebook it was muddy. Compared to last weekend in bromont it wasn’t all that bad and 100% rideable so it was just going to be a slippery couple hours. I got to the site early to watch the 11:30 start and make sure I had a feeder all set up. After a few minutes of rain about an hour before the start I headed out for a warmup and get my game face on.

After the call up I think there was 6 people on the front line. With notable returns Matt McCartney and Kyle Fry. Not wanting to repeat my start from Boler I had a good jump and rode second wheel on Ryan Atkins wheel until he basically spun out riding his 1 x 9 setup. I took over the lead and rode a good pace until I found myself with a bit of a gap. I opended up 15-20 seconds on DZ where it stayed for the first three laps. By the end of the third he was on my wheel and proceded to pass me and head off into the distance. Leaving me to my own pace. I felt pretty good I definitely had my 5th gear working but I still need some work on number 6th. But im pretty sure it will come around in time for the olympics (single speed that is) I finished up in second place not far ahead of first year senior Jacob whos really finding his legs in senior.

Next up im going to ramp up the hours again and try to stay healthy in preparation for the Wednesday Night Single speed olympics which is going to be epic. Its on the DL so I can’t disclose the date and course publicly.

Im also looking forward to the Tuesday nighter this week ive missed the last three so im looking forward to riding with some regular Tuesday nighters.

"that was a wicked race, I made it onto the real podium"

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