Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow a full week since an update, oops. So a week In review is in order. Well I can’t really remember too much about Monday and Tuesday, I know I rode my bike. Which is pretty standard most days. Actually I don’t really remember Wednesday too well either. Thursday night I attempted to get a group of riders together for a training ride to work on paceline stuff and some sprints. I discovered its tough to do a paceline with only two riders. But we had a good ride and I got some more miles in. Friday was a longish 3.5 hours ride on some newly paved roads in oro. After a solid ride Friday I headed out for a 5 hour ride yesterday up to vasey line near coldwater and back along some quiet roads with some nice climbs.

Today I loaded up the Mazda and headed down to london for another round of the ocup series. I made good time and arrived at about 11:00 in time to watch the 11:30 races go off and hear what people had to say about the course. The most common word used was fast. I also used this time to secure a feeder. You know who you are. I got dressed up and spun around looking at what I could see from the side lines of the course. Cause if your caught on the course before the race Chico will make you ride with a full camelback on.

Off all the races to get a good position into the singletrack I have to miss my pedal on the line and almost get caught up in a massive crash. Once you hit the singletrack basically there is nowhere to pass until the lap/finish area, I went in in around 20th I was able to pass a couple guys but all I could do was bide my time until the course opened up a bit. Heading out onto the second lap I passed about 8 or 9 guys and headed out to catch Souter, Kinsie and Alp who I could see not far ahead. By the end of the second lap I was in fifth which is where I stayed until the line. With the short laps I was dreading the lapping but it was amazingly not bad at all. I think cause the course was so fast the speed differences weren’t as much. After a quick pit stop at Dairy Queen I headed back home and I’m currently watching the tour. Shhhhhhh don’t tell me who wins I don’t know yet.

Oh I haven’t done a film review on this blog, mainly cause the piss poor films that are coming out of hollywood don’t warrant any. But I recently saw a movie worth a mention. The only movie that I truly enjoyed since no country for old men. Hancock, now I know what your thinking but the trailers are only the first half of the movie. About halfway through there is a nice twist and movie takes on a whole new deeper meaning. I give it the Watson "Bump" beat you to it Colbert.

"Call me crazy one more time"

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