Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Tank Challenge

St anne world cup day 0.

Firday i set out to head back to Mt St Anne for the first of two canadian world cups. Solo mission in the car so to make things interesting i wanted to see if i could make it here on one tank of gas 50 liters. I cheated a little bit and filled up in Cornwall for 120.0 which is practically free these days. After 950 km and 10 hours with stops i rolled in using 54 litres. So close. While driving i was getting a little congested but thought it was just the ac. But when i stated to settle in i realized i had the signature Andrew Watson post good race head cold. So i headed to the drug store to pick up my usual meds and got back and got to sleep early to get a good nights sleep.

Day 1(saturday 26th)

Today i woke up not to bad feeling a little better and after a little breakfast i headed up the hill to register, Since i would probably have to pay a 200 hundred dollar fine for not signing in i figured i'd pay the 70 and hope i feel ok for sunday. Since we can't ride the coures till noon, im back at the motel watching the final TT of the Tour.