Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So im back home from Nats at St Anne which went well, i ended up 4th which is PB for senior elite.

im int he process of a full review and writeup but its Mom's birthday today (first one im not missing in about 8 years)

but untill then here is a quotes compilation from the Project

"This is the Loop and this is me orbiting it and sometimes i cross through it"
LJ on being out of the loop

"Dude, your shirt is on inside out"
Chris Everist(2nd junior) comenting on my shirt at dinner

"I really hope that ...................... doesn't walk in"
Brendan Arnold(i can't actually write what he said)

"Do you need more water?"
guy watching me piss in a cup

"No i just need it quiet"

"Jane you missed a spot"
While Jane was cleaning her bike with a kleenex

full post shortly

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