Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today was the 3rd o-cup of the year at beautiful glen Eden ski hill. Before leaving for the race I checked the forecast and it was calling for thunderstorms, and 20 mm of rain so I prepared a set of wheels with my new tioga skinny’s on for the peanut butter that is kelso in the rain. The day was hot and humid, well over 30 and over 35 with the humidex. Putting my faith in the forecasters I threw on my mudder’s and I was quickly ridiculed to no end on the start line. But I rested comfortably in the knowledge the skies would open up and the course would get nice and slick.

I didn’t pre-ride and I was still a little unsure of my legs, lungs, brain etc. I started out conservatively and ended up just inside the top ten on Zach Winn’s wheel after he attacked up the climb. The first few tech sections were tricky going into them blind and backwards to the usual. On the last climb of the lap a gap opened up to the lead group and neither Zach or myself could respond. Zach then attempted a right hand turn and in true nascar style ran into the bushes and I moved ahead of him. That just about sums up the positioning for the race. I continued to ride finding my lines on the second lap and coming through about 20 seconds behind the chase group. On my third lap I put my head down and tried to close the gap. I was a few seconds faster but the gap stayed the same. I then settled down on the fourth lap, and just focused on riding a clean race.

Near the end of the lap I got up to a lapped rider and said rider up, but he was going at a good clip so I wasn’t in to much of a rush to get by him. Then out of nowhere he grabs two handfuls of brake and starts to turn left, then right. I had no time to react and rode straight into him. He rode ahead then pulled off and apologized after I made a slight sarcastic remark. Which I apologize for too. Not that he’s reading tthis but if he his. But at least I didn’t drop the f-bomb. The fifth lap I hit the kill switch and rode it in. I didn’t feel as bad as last weekend but I still have some recovery to do. Oh and it didn’t rain a drop…last time I get my weather from that site.
So I think its back to training hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday.

"I think I’m going to need some duct tape after that"
Zach Winn

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