Sunday, June 22, 2008

K-W clssic 2008

After a couple weeks off i thought it was time to get back to racing. So i thought hey why not head down to the k-w classic road race in Kitchener. On saturday i arranged to get a ride down with Kyle Fry.

Kyle Picked me up at about 9:45 and we headed to starbucks, for our respective favourite gourmet drinks. And were pulled into a conversation with the (20 year)barista about her ex-boyfriend who used to race road bikes but his wife has confiscated his bike.

We stopped at hwy 9 and 400 to pick up Evan Mundy and while waiting for him we meet another young lady in need of a cell phone to call her (presumed boyfriend) who was 2 hours late picking her up. I told Kyle this was his chance but he insisted on getting to the race on time.

We arrived with planty of time, and we were able to watch the end of some earlier races. I ran into the Manitoba team(short Kylie of course) who were driving through on their way to Bromont and Beauce for nationals.

After everyone got kitted up the race started out at a good clip under sunny skies. The first few laps were full of small attacks. K, let me just clear one thing up...I wasn't exactly racing. I was more of what you would call a spectator today. I was geared up with my Sony DSLR and Kyle's wicked camcorder.

After a few laps the skies started to open up and rain came down. It was never a downpour but it was pretty steady for aover an hour. By the time i walked the course and arrived at the feed zone with about 10 laps to go to see if Kyle needed a botttle or two the rain had stopped. Andrew Randall trying to impress the BCC into offering him a contract for next year launched a solo attempt with about 8 laps to go and was able to hold off any chasers.

Kyle raced to an impressive 11th only halfway through his first senior 1/2 season.
"What are you doing here"
"what are you doing here"

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