Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hometown Canada cup throwdown……kind of

Waking up Friday morning before heading to the airport I had the sneaking suspicion that all was not all right. I had a little sniffle and I was a little congested. So I pounded a bunch of questionable herbal remedies and headed over to the rental agency to rent a mini van to go pick up the Manitoba team from the airport. When asked if I was 25, I was able to reply with "today I am". Thinking maybe I would get a happy birthday from the cute rental girl. But I got no love and was sent away with a new chevy uplander. Which was like driving a bus I think it had a 25 inch steering wheel. The pickup went well and soon I was on my way back home with Leah, and team manager, and my coach, Kylie Case. After switching off for the old trusty Windstar we headed to Hardwood for a little pre-ride. It was Leah’s first time racing hardwood so coach Kylie thought it best to get a couple laps in on Friday. I took up my rigid single speed to ride which was a lot of fun, and wasn’t to bad on the fast hardwood course. After unleashing a little fury about cinder blocks cemented into bone shaker for no apparent reason, we headed back home for my Birthday celebration. I was treated to some nice t-bone steaks and potatoes. Followed by a wicked birthday cake and little bit of wine. That night I was pumped to watch Battlestar but I took a few too many medications and I was passed out by 9:00. Kylie tried to wake me up at 10:00 but no dice.

When I woke up Saturday I knew I was just going to have to get through the weekend and get it behind me. We headed over to Hardwood to register and do another couple laps. I was only able to do a lap and a half before calling it quits and heading back to the van. We headed back to Barrie to get our feet up and relax before the race. My mom cooked up some pasta and was followed by a wicked homemade Oreo cookie cake made by me sweetie Kylie. After dinner I tried to talk everyone into watching Battlestar but only Kylie stayed and secretly loved the show.

Sunday I was feeling a little better but as soon as I got on the bike I could tell my body was in recovery mode and wasn’t going to give me much to work with. Luckily we were racing at hardwood which is a course you can roll through pretty good if you know where to work it and where to rest. I ended up in 11th after riding a conservative race. The biggest highlight of the day is Leah finishing a strong second and locking up the lone solo junior womens spot for Worlds later this month. I take 25% credit for her result and subsequent selection. After the race we headed back to Barrie to pack up and get ready to take the girls and Raph Gagne to the airport. We stopped by Jeremy’s place for a bit first since he was having a post race BBQ, before heading to the airport. It was a sad good bye, I only got to see kylie for a couple days and it never seems like enough. But I felt great that Leah made the Worlds team.

Monday was the typical cleaning and getting ready for the rest of the week. Followed by the weekly Monday night singlespeed ride out in midhurst which was marred by a flat tire on my bike, which led to all of us getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Tuesday night I headed out to the Tuesday night ride which I turned off of a bit early cause I needed to get some solid distance in and it looked like they were headed back to town a little early. Im still feeling a little under the weather, so I took today (Wednesday) completely off which is the first day off I can remember.

Next up……im not sure yet. There are a couple options, a norba, manitoba tt provincials, the last two c-cups. Road nats, train for the world cups. I need to sit down and figure that out.

"Left, !!!! Right !!!!!! Straight!!!!!!"

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