Monday, June 30, 2008

The Big one
The past weekend has been fairly productive training wise, Friday I headed out for a flat 100 km ride through angus then north towards wasaga before cutting back east through Phelpston south along Wilson back into town. It was a solid few hours solo just trying to get some form back.

Saturday was spent "cross training" in a pool, after a big Doane family reunion it was into a 30 foot wide pool with one double bed size air mattress, for a 3 hour battle royal to see who could claim the high ground. In the end it ended up being the young cousins who never seemed to get tired.

Sunday I awoke at 6:30 (a.m.) to get ready for the annual BCC (well second annual) ride around the lake. We headed north to Orillia first with a good-sized group of about 20. When we got to memorial drive a few riders turned back to Barrie for a shorter loop, 12 riders continued on through Orillia and around the lake, when we hit hwy 12 there was a small (well I didn’t actually see it) crash. But everyone was ok and we continued on into some dark menacing looking clouds. Riding into Beaverton we encountered a few drops of rain but nothing that made the roads wet. After a short rest stop we were on our way again heading south into Pefferlaw, where I made the first wrong turn of the day. But I stopped and asked a lady where to go, after criticizing us for not riding for charity she pointed us in the right direction over a small footbridge and back on course.
After Pefferlaw is when all the hills starting coming which after 100 km started to wear on riders and we had to back off the pace a fair bit. After a pit stop just west of Queensville we were heading around canal road, where I made my second wrong turn, when the real rain started to come down. Heading up the sixth of Bradford I could tell people were ancy to get home and the group started to splinter, the whole way up Huronia road we were riding in small groups. Once we crossed 89 and people knew where they were I think they just wanted to get home and put their heads down and rode in. It would have been nice to ride in together after 200km but I can understand folks wanted to (needed to) get home. The next time the club does an open club ride it should be the other way around so all the hills are encountered earlier on.
I hope to get around the lake either solo or in a small group in the next little while at a good clip on a slightly longer loop.

"Its like steering the back end of a fire truck"

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