Thursday, June 26, 2008

All singled out

The past two nights have had the similar them of racing with only one gear. Last night was the Wednesday night world single speed championships of the world. Before the race I went over all the bolts and pedals to make sure everything was good and tight. I didn’t want anything to go wrong like it did last year. The race started out well with 12 people contesting it this year up from about 5 or 6 from last year. I led into the single track and built a decent gap until about 11 minutes in my fracking (cheap, nashbar) crank let me down and ejected my pedal. I was once again left riding in with one leg. I finished last which in my pre race interview I said its first or last for me. I must congratulate Brendan Matheson for winning the 3rd annual worlds.

Today after a couple hours on my fixie, I thought it would be fitting to ride it in the BCC time trial. I put my biggest gear on I had a 44/16. It was a pretty good turnout with 12 riders out. I started out last and I quickly realized I should have asked to start in the middle somewhere cause I never saw another person until I finished up in 25:20(ish). It was a pure test of leg speed on the flat course, I was going as fast as I could but I was only riding at high endurance HR. I’m thinking I need to get a 14 for the back and or a bigger ring in the front….which would mean a new crankset or some jurry rigging. Ill figure it out.

"There drinking our Milkshake"
Jon Stewert

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